The Influence of Joining Tech Events- Tai-Hua Chung’s Story

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  • Posted: July 21, 2016

New to Girls in Tech

Tai-Hua Chung works under Big Data Analytics team of Fintech & New Financial Services Department at a local bank. She knew about Girls in Tech Taiwan recently and joined a career sharing panel in May’16. She then flew to Hong Kong to join the RISE conference after one of the Girls in Tech members referred her to get women in tech tickets.

Curious About Technology Leads Her to a New Journey

“It is interesting that several people asked me why I wanted to join the RISE conference. As a non-engineer, bank-industry female working professional, people are likely to consider me a tech-insulation. Indeed, I’m not very into tech but getting to know what’s going on in different industries and how the latest technology/innovation affects our lives are simply fun.” she said.

RISE provided a good platform to serve her need. Speakers came from different fields and the content they shared are not too difficult to understand for beginners. RISE also arranged night summit for networking in the evening. The speaker forums after the formal speech on the huge stage were organized so you can get closer to interact with the speakers you like.


“One of the most inspiring speakers for me was Diane Yu, Co-founder and CTO of Freewheel. She left a big company in the US, following her heart, getting back to China and started up a company. She shared her philosophy of leading a company: ‘don’t think you own the company and have 100% control of it because people follow the company for its vision, not for becoming the boss.’ ‘You decide who you want to be, and stay with the rule even if you could earn fast money. What you do defines who you are.’ And when a father asked for suggestions about educating his daughter, Diane shared ‘follow your heart, follow the things or places that you enjoy, and just be happy. Then afterwards, everything will come after.’” She started to think through why she chose to work at the current company and how she made to the current position.”

“Moreover, I was amazed by the app provided by RISE, which played an important role in my joyful journey. First of all, as there are different speeches going on at the same time, the app helped arrange my schedule based on my personal preference. And the app could connect people by providing easy search option so the speakers/ participants who share the same interests as you do can be followed via their schedule or contact them through messages.”

“All in all, it’s a great conference to broaden our horizon and to connect with new friends such as girls in tech members that also joined the conference.” 


AngelHack Taipei Helped Her Realize a Career Transition is Needed

Life is full of click moments. She learned about AngelHack Taipei from Girls in Tech members during her HK trip. In the beginning, she was just planning to join the presentation session, but at the end she joined a team and spent 2 days hacking a project called LiHao, an elderly communication tool. The team happened to be all female team and they focused on creating a platform for the elderly to connect with each other. The main learning from the competition is that user testing is very important because team members might fight for different opinions based on their imagination. At the end of day, customers/users define the success of the product so it’s better to perform the user testing as early as possible. Though the team did not win the hackathon, it got lots of good feedback from the judges and was submitted to ‘Code for Social Impact’ competition afterwards. All the team members thought it was a fun experience creating a product from scratch working with people from various backgroud. What’s even more important is as a non-tech person, she can still create innovative products that can change the world.

Tai-Hua now makes up her mind to transit from customer analysis to fintech and service innovation area to develop creative products after attending AngelHack. She is very grateful for having the experiences of attending an international conference that was full of tech startups and influential industry speakers as well as a hackathon as a non-tech talent. She now is an active member of Girls in Tech and loves to learn UX/UI design so she can create user friendly products in the near future.



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