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Here is a list of female super stars and rising stars in the tech industry. They are either working in the tech companies, serving a tech function, leading a tech community or in the process of founding great tech companies. They have phenomenal impacts that can be our highlights of the year. Some of them are advocates of diversity and some are leading the changes in the industry. They are our role models for empowerment and prospecting mentors that will help a lot more women enter into the tech related jobs/industry and grow great careers.

Let’s thank them for their contribution and support to Girls in Tech Taiwan. Happy International Women’s Day to all the women that are changing the world via technology. #IWD2016


12784380_10153557512408246_831606465_nStephanie Lin is proud to represent Women in STEM as Miss Asian America 2015-16. She is also founder and host of Sandbox, a YouTube series that profiles entrepreneurs and decision makers. Stephanie is also acting spokesperson for the Tainan Earthquake Relief Fund. Prior to her stint as Director of Marketing at 500 Startups, Stephanie managed marketing for top-grossing games at Kabam, where she helped lead the most successful product launch in company history. Stephanie also ran an accelerator program for indie game developers at Chartboost, the largest mobile games-only ad network. She began her career as a news producer at NBC4 in New York. Stephanie is a proud graduate of UC Berkeley and welcomes opportunities to connect. Find her on Twitter @theslinshady or Her advice to women in tech: Take a little more risk than you did yesterday. Instead of standing by the sidelines, sit at the table during your next team meeting. Volunteer one more idea at the next group brainstorm. Set up one coffee meeting with someone you respect in your industry this week. Then rinse, wash, and repeat. Be brave, and be persistent. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Tracy Chou poses for a portrait on Dec. 4, 2014 in San Francisco, Calif. Chou is an engineer at Pinterest, and is also one of the more high profile women in the tech industry. There are few women entering the tech world and many who are leaving the field. (Michael Robinson Chavez/Los Angeles Times/TNS) 1164483Tracy Chou, is both a senior software engineer and now a diversity advocate at Pinterest. Her work in this latter role started in 2013, when she published the company’s gender diversity statistics on the blogging site Medium and called for other tech companies to share their own. At the time, Pinterest employed 11 women out of its 89 total engineers. She was on the list of 2014 30 under 30 Technology on Forbes. She is now the voice of diversity in the silicon valley, attends to lots of panel talks and even boards regarding diversity issues. Also, she provides advice on some U.S.VC firms to invest on female entrepreneurs.


IMG_2080Anna Chung is a cyber threat researcher who works at the crossroads of cyber threat intelligence, underground economics, and cross cultural communication analysis. Anna has a BA degree from Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, and a Masters degree in International Communication from American University, Washington D.C.. With her social science background, Anna encourages people to tackle the security issue from none-technical perspectives, such as culture, economics, policy, and user behavior. She is bringing the idea to Asia, US, Europe to Middle East. Currently Anna serves as a Technical Investigator in Uber, San Francisco. Advice to women in tech: Technology is by nature a new and non-traditional industry, it’s a great opportunity for female in the tech world to refine the culture and work environment. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. More often than not you will find yourself in a room with mostly men; if you don’t make your voice heard, other women who follow may not feel a sense of empowerment to do so themselves.


Tech Entrepreneurs


profile_imageChristiana Chen is an application developer and demand management expert. She is the founder and CEO of OrangeNow and developed its proprietary demand management system from the ground up. Prior to founding OrangeNow, she served as the CTO of 88MartGo. Previously she was a technical architect and senior software consultant at a Seattle-based startup called Apptio and an Industrial Engineer at Boeing. Christy has an MS in Information Systems from University of Washington. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, women in technology, and Taiwanese culture, and is a frequent guest speaker at events related to these topics.


roshenRoshen Chen (陳偌先) country manager, value innovator at VCNC-creator of Between & WhereTwo apps. With zero background in business, marketing or tech, Roshen started interning for local startups sophomore year in uni. Falling in love with the accelerating and execution focused startup industry, she now focuses on user engagement, growth hacking and monetization for Between Taiwan & Hong Kong. Between now has 16M users globally, and 1.4M+ in Taiwan. Her advice to women in tech: Don’t be afraid to be different, strive to be unique.


12804352_10153281453721090_258272277_nJackey Wang loves working on problem-solving via technology innovation that creates social benefits and positive impact toward people’s lives. Her entrepreneurship emphasizes on social mobilization, healthcare and education as she is both people-focused and tech-oriented. She started a tech company focusing on mobile-health solution in 2009. With break-through innovation, their solution (Dr. Pad) has successfully revolutionized the hospital working environment and improved the daily operation process for medical professionals. Jackey also believed programming education can change the future of our next generation. She co-founded “Tickle Labs, Inc.” that created a platform to help everyone to learn programming and make IoT creation possible and easier for everyone. There should be no gender differences in technology. Therefore, being a female and a tech leader should be more common in this and future generations. More women in tech will make this world much more beautiful.


12782485_258517801146725_567218373_nRena Chou is the founder of She grew up in Taiwan and loves business story and the latest one gets her interested in exploring technology and internet, especially after reading the articles of Shared Economy. Rena is a dreamer and also do-er, As an entrepreneur , she is passionate at doing A luxury goods marketplace, where fashionable people can meet,trade and rent designer dress,even bags, all in one place – Zaposh –  Designer Brands Sales & Luxury Goods Marketplace. Her advice for women in tech: Be passionate of what you are doing. The strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway. Use woman strength and advantage to improve our society and get inspired by other women in tech.



12834899_10206775801610871_1848536571_nPeggy Jou is COO and cofounder of GHOSTA technology and CEO of Scopebee. She graduated from National Taiwan University, with bachelor degrees in biochemical science and technology and master degrees in microbiology. She also studied intellectual property at National ChengChi University. After graduation, Peggy was interning at AppWorks Ventures. Soon afterward, she worked at EZTABLE as a content manager and SENTRI as an operation assistant. Peggy was also an executive committee of AUTM Asia 2014 in Taipei, the biggest nonprofit association of technology managers and business executives who manage intellectual property. Her advice to female tech entrepreneurs: Never “give up”. Try to listen to different opinions and follow your intuition. Catch every opportunity no matter if you are a female or a male. Don’t be afraid of lost, every lost is a new way to find the light.


Claudia 柯蒂亞Claudia Rueda is the CEO and Founder of ARDIGITC. She was born in Mexico and raised by a Super Woman! Working in the education industry for 7 years, she moved to Taiwan from Canada and met her husband in 2007. In late 2014 she founded her tech startup company, making a difference with new technologies that can help people, specially for kids education. She recently launched her campaign on Kickstarter and flyingV. Her advice to women in tech: Be patient, try hard and do it for Yourself!!. Once you meet Success everyone will recognize your efforts. Stay true to yourself and have Passion for your Work.



12833253_1716174788666720_195152359_nIrene Yu earned her master’s degree in international management and strategic management in Berlin and Paris. She had 4 years of experience in several startup companies located in different places around the world including Berlin and Taiwan, before she started her new role as the CEO/Co-founder at FindEssence-an intelligent SAAS platform for visual recognition based in Berlin. Her advice to women in tech: Do not limit yourself because you are woman, and don’t worry too much. Sometimes just jump it and see how far you can go!


mayMay Yang is a digital marketing expert and business strategist. She is the founder and CEO of and has supported many overseas companies entering Taiwan via online resources. She built up its website and entire business flow from the ground up. She is also the co-founder at, her strategic thinking and digital marketing skills help Taiwan engineers get easier access to the entire world. Although online working style allows May to stay anywhere in the world, May is based in Taiwan simply because she loves Taiwan too much. She loves reading, travelling and sports. Her advice to women in tech: Learn how to code. Build a digital brand. Learn things on your own.


12835001_969170206481895_475625904_nLinda Chang is Chief Information Shepherd of Magna info. Her areas of expertise are Cloud Application, Back-end Development, Database Management and AWS. Her passion is to lead junior partner to grow and put the ideas into real work with partners. She was one of members on the winning team of the Girls in Tech Taiwan+Facebook Hack for a Casue hackathon. Her advice to women in tech is to keep on the passion and curiosity in your job. It’s never too late to learn.


12322390_10208151547370813_668638201775933166_oErica Li is the co-founder of ElasticMining, a data service company. She specializes in e-commerce data mining with medical statistics background. Her project experiences include customer behavior and big data application. Being a blogger who spreads her positive energy to the world is what she is doing. For girls who want to join the tech industry, 1. jump it then make a thing. 2. never give up. Don’t let it get you down if you run into some sexism. The most important thing is to work on something that you’re interested in and passionate about.



Outstanding Coders

Jocelin Ho is currently a software engineer at Facebook. Previous to Facebook, she graduated from Stanford University in 2015 with Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. The advice she has for all girls in tech is that we should all be more talkative from the beginning, and never be afraid to try, to fail, and to achieve. Gender is the least important thing to care about in tech career. You are no different than your male colleagues!



1056886_1872426639650888_526861048_nRachael Pai works as a software engineer at Miiicasa Inc. She built a software of a color-optical-filter manufacturing machine for LCD using advanced ink-jet printing technology which was considered the top one in Taiwan and top three of the world. She was a member of The Key Technical Staff in HonHai Precision Company. In the past, she also developed a top one Android App in Media and Video category on Google Play Store in Taiwan. She was also the winner of a Retail Battle Hackathon. Her advice to women in tech: find out what it is that you’re truly passionate about and keep focus, set your target and keep going.


12809869_10154006428026098_80864985_oCharlotte Yu is a professional in Digital Advertising and works in cacaFly as Project Manager. She had won a prize in [Facebook x Girls in Tech Hack For A Cause 2015] and her team has done an amazing project helping Typhoon Morakot victims. She believes work/life balance, you would to take a rest having a clear brain to think your life. It’s worth spending more time on communications because it’s a crucial part of how I can be inspired and motivated by people. Her advice to women in tech: Take Advantage of Our Gender. Male-dominated industry may lack female viewpoints, which can contribute to the objectification of women. We play a more significant role in building an innovative and diverse team.



12809897_10208655541614851_578151069_oSherry Lin is used to be a cloud computing engineer who is focused on OpenStack technology in Quanta Computer for 3 years. She also loves to share her knowledge to people like joining PyLadies Taiwan workshop to bring her experience to others. Sherry now is being a senior cloud computing integration developer. And in her spare time, she also has a license of teaching people ski in Japan during the winter time. She believes: The most attractive thing for coding is you can use the program to change people’s life even the world!


Program Management/Project Management


12788523_10208611707999038_2010551892_oJoannie Huang now is a Project manager at Lalamove Hong Kong. She majored in Computer Science and also focuses on the mobile, startup, and Fintech territories; She tried to use her mindset to establish a communication bridge between customer and development side and believes a problem always can be solved by good project management way. She loves to join the technology activity to listen and share with others. That’s why she also used to be a PyLadies Taiwan co-organizer to encourage girls to start to embrace the technology. Her advice to women in tech: Women are generally more detail-oriented.  Don’t feel you’re not good than male. Strive for the thing you think is right and keep positive attitude.


12822869_10205579764120500_1236540021_oEunnie Chu works as TAM at HTC. She’s a project management professional in consumer electronics industries with extensive experience in product development and operational management. She attended a few hackathons and projects with members at the Girls in Tech Taiwan and is a great team player. Her advice to women in tech are always have backup solution on your mind since you won’t know there is something happen. Be honest and straightforward at work.




12050850_10153508787172569_1276828852_oIngrid Mak works as an Events and Employer Branding specialist, supporting the APAC recruiting team, at Facebook Singapore. Being a diversity advocate, she is also a committee member in Connected Women – A group founded by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Mastercard that brings together women across the tech industry to provide cross-organization learning, networking & mentoring opportunities in Singapore, and Facebook Women@ group. She co-partners with diversity meet up groups and partners to organize events to raise awareness on Women in Tech initiatives around APAC region. Ingrid holds an Interactive Media Design diploma, BA degree in Social Sciences (Sociology and Organizational Behavior & Human Resources) from Singapore Management University and an International MA degree in Comparative Education, Educational Leadership and Management from Beijing Normal University. Her advice to Women in Tech is: “Never underestimate your power and capacity for change – Connecting the world takes every one of us.”


Business Development/Digital Marketing/PR
1466883_10154117834729714_1224048125_oChristina Lin currently leads Facebook’s Small Business team in Greater China, with the aim to help businesses grow and connect with their customers through solutions like pages, advertising, and messaging. She believes that every business starts with a story, and it’s her mission to help uncover them. A published author and an avid traveler, Christina writes a blog ( to share her observations in tech, career, and from her travels. Her advice to women in tech? It surely feels vulnerable to learn something new, but nothing in life is wasted— and dots will eventually connect.


12030784_10154540385930828_2002095405_nSamantha Hu is a territory sales account manager from IP surveillance field at ACTi who’s managing the east Africa and UAE territory. During her stay with this industry, she learned that CCTV and surveillance camera is not only for security. It is also the eyes upon the IoT and robotic business. From using the cameras to capture the video, we can use it as big data and analyze it as useful figure. She thinks this industry is perfect for women specialize in integration and coding. Her advice to women in tech is attending more activities and conference to know more female in the technology industry. The experience sharing can help all of us gain more opportunities in the career.


Kathy ChangKathy Chang works as senior consultant with strategic business partnership development in Shopee, a mobile e-commerce marketplace headquartered in Singapore. She is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the third party payment and logistic partners in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. She is a contracted columnist of 30 Magazine, writing under the pseudonym “立馬度 Limado”. Inspired by the vigorous start-up atmosphere in Singapore, her articles feature entrepreneurship, career path perspectives, and Web 3.0 goal management leveraging the power of social media. Kathy holds a Master’s degree in Management Science from the University of Cambridge.


IMG_0146_2Linn Kuo works at Cisco as ODM Partner manager and help manage the annual spend over USD$1B. Over the 15 year working experience, she’s passionate about bringing equality into high tech industry. She is the chairwoman of Cisco connected Woman Taiwan site, an organization that is designed to provide additional support for female employees to expand their skill set to grow career in Cisco. Her advice to women in tech: Please speak up, show and shine. Your capabilities are much better than you thought. You will be suprise how you can impress others by your knowledge and Intelligence and believe in yourself. Success will follow you soon.

Stephanie Tang is currently CX Lead at Zoodles Kid Mode, an ed-tech startup funded by HTC, where she set up the Customer Experience department from scratch, now running a team of six. Stephanie manages the company’s social efforts and helps with business development. Advice to women in tech: Don’t be afraid to change industries completely, and don’t think you’re underqualified! Perhaps it’ll take a while to build up enough confidence and experience to challenge a new role, but trying out for it before you’re completely comfortable is key. People can see your passion, and sometimes that matters more than the criteria on your CV.



UI/UX Designers


Engly-profile-5Engly Chang grew up and studied in Taiwan until she was 16 and moved to Canada for high school. She was accepted into Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Communications Design. She entered the work force in New York, while learning more about design via branding and fashion advertising, she continued to pursue her interests in UI/UX, and later became a digital designer at Macy’ and Siegel + Gales. She moved to California in 2013 to pursue more opportunities in the Sillicon Valley, and had since become a Product Designer. She had devoted her time at Yahoo working on products like Mail and Search, and will be working on more exciting products at Facebook. Her advice to women in tech is “speak up!” don’t be afraid to “look stupid” and never pretend you understand something when you don’t.


IMG_4682Ruby Kuan worked in 無名, Pixnet which is a famous blogsite in Taiwan and now works in HEARST currently as Digital Director. In Taiwan, not everyone understands the values of UX to a company so Ruby spent big effort to convince colleagues and supervisors how important UX is in her past work experience. Applying UX to a company is like a war. However, it brings a lessons to her , she knows success comes from failure, remeber looking ahead is the only way and understand what you learn in the failure lessons. Her advice to women in tech: Women have her advantage detail-oriented, but also sensitive. We sometimes think too much, afraid of fighting. We need to understand ourself and dare to fight.



12833225_10156625028345788_1324091524_nAnn Chu was born and raised in Taiwan, currently working at Autodesk.Inc as a Sr. UX Designer in China (Shanghai). She worked in the design field for over 9 years, starting as a 3D animator and graphic in animation in gaming industry, then she shifted her focus to User Interface Design and User Experience Design in 2009. She considered herself a very down-to-earth and easy-going person and always open to challenges, new opportunities as an inspiring role in the design of innovative and creative solutions. Her advice to women in tech: Ask lots of questions!



aliciaAlicia Tseng is a product manager in KKBOX, one of the most popular music streaming service in east Asia. She leads a team which is in charge of the engagement and music discovery experience of the app across all platforms. Earlier in her career, Alicia spent her career in user experience and worked in United States. Alicia joined Esri as a UX designer in 2010. She designed map plug-in for Microsoft Office and revamped Business Analyst Online. She also worked at GE Aviation as a UX designer where she designed maintenance tools for aircraft engines. Alicia graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and received a Masters degree from Human-Computer Interaction, School of Computer Science. She has a passion for her work and enjoys envision, design and deliver the greatest user and service experiences.



Tech Community Leaders

Here are a few women leading the tech communities in Taiwan and help women learn skills for transition into the tech careers , create products and even grow their startups. Thanks much to their contribution for bringing all the resources together for women in tech! 


12837683_10207758376334623_909759603_oKelly Chang is the Organizer of PyLadies Taiwan. She graduated from National Taiwan University and earned B.S. Information Management degree. Programming for her is not only about solving difficult problems, but also to deal with normal daily problems. That’s why she is interested in Human Computer Interaction. Her advice to women in tech: Be strong and go for your goals. 




12188886_1073035926048782_377792580883321095_nLingLing Wu is a founder of HITCON GIRLS. She built the first feminine  Information Security learning community in Taiwan when she was a student, and this group are spreading the right concept of Information Security to girls. Being a founder in HITCON GIRLS, she learned how to communicate with team members and knew the magic between people. Her advice to women in tech: Trust yourself. Be Yourself and utilize the softpower.



12084182_992775427444354_653350299_nChiayi Yen is co-organizer of TW-RLadies. Her expertise is in Finance & Technology. She had worked in a Taipei based hedge fund as Financial Engineer. From her background and working experiences, she suggests girls to involve in open-source communities. You could gain many skills required in this field through those insightful expertise sharing. It’s a good way to learn. Her advice to women in tech: Start your first step in the path of being an engineer today instead of tomorrow!




12821961_10101063568192775_1653497311_nJessie Liao is the general coordinator of the writer’s gathering of Wikipedia Taiwan. As a team leader of a group of women Wiki writers, she is always finding new ways not only to improve and increase the contents of wikipedia, but also to maintain the passion of her team. Some topics that their recently working on are Wei Hai Min, a famous peking opera actress; Wu Chien Siong, a woman physicist who took part in the research and development of nuclear bomb; and Lin Wen Yue, a famous writer.



12625721_10153838184260837_1606253010_nGiGi Huang works at Microsoft. She initiated and managed the community “.NET Sisters” to teach girls how to code. Her goal is to build strong and lasting partnerships with different companies or organizations to make her community stronger, wiser, more resilient and engaged. She also founded “BiG SiSTERS”, an open nonprofit community with core values “Self-development, Living Diversity and Fellowship” to connect young women aged 22-35 in Taiwan. Her advice to women in tech: Don’t let anyone’s criticism or judgment define who you are.




12349650_10208106992486461_1206873787_oMichelle Leu is a Senior Engineer at GliaCloud. She’s also the organizer of Django Girls Taipei. She hopes to get more girls interested in writing codes. Starting from 2014, they’ve held 3 workshops and cohosted 8 monthly meetups with She thinks all the efforts are worth it if being able to help the girls evolve from beginner coders to coaches and apply the course materials to their websites. Her advice to women in tech: utilize your strength at the workforce when facing difficult situation. For example, she found out that female engineers are usually more detail oriented and easy going teammates so leverage your strength for success.



12810249_10208916975987040_1695343205_oHsiao-Mei Lin is the Co-founder and General Manager, HEX, Inc. and is now the organiser of Anita Borg Scholars Alumni in Greater China and Taiwan on the Anita Borg Scholars Alumni Planning Committee at Global Google Anita Borg Alumni Community. She’s gotten her BS and Master in of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, now a Ph.D candidate of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She has also a few other roles as Supervisor of The Society of Taiwan Women in Science and Technology (TWiST) (2015/11/22 – 2017/11/21) and a Supervisor of the association of B Corp ASIA (2016/1 – Now). Her advice to women in tech: Diversity makes the creativity! Just follow your intuition and do you want to do!


12788122_1260024727347668_798594205_nShing-Chin(Imacat) Yang works at the Office of Institutional Research, National Taiwan University. She’s good at Programming / Data Analysis. She’s a member of Apache OpenOffice Project Management, Committee, Founder of Women in Free and Open Source Software (WOFOSS) in Taiwan, Founder of PyLadies Taiwan, Founder of WikiWomen Taiwan. She thinks if you believe in your goals, be resistant and learn from the missteps. Time will prove you are right. The missteps will be your steppingstones to your success. Advice to women in tech: 1. Be strong. Don’t stay in safety corners and don’t be afraid of challenges. 2. Get friends. Don’t fight along. Organize and get more friends. They will be your strongest support when you feel alone. 3. Live your life. Don’t let your work swallow your life. Join NGO forces and take action. Live your life healthy. Your life will not be complete without them.


12804250_1276612585686225_1207059881_nAlicia Chen is a programmer at She leads WOFOSS community. Her advice to women in tech: Optimism is a happiness magnet. Stay positive and stay passionately.







12351286_10204289573598793_1972242512_nLiping Hsu is a marketing manager at Skymizer. She supported COSCUP to get sponsorship up to NTD$3M.  Her advice to women in tech: Don’t limit yourself. Trust and execute well.






FullSizeRenderHolly Harrington leads Program & Brand Development at Taiwan Startup Stadium, the National Development Council’s HeadStart program aimed at internationalizing the Taiwan startup ecosystem. Her focus is on equipping Taiwan startups with the skills and perspectives needed to go global. She also curates Startup Digest Taipei, and is a founding task force member of Forward Taiwan. In Holly’s opinion, the best way for women to move forward in tech is to continually speak up, always ask for more than you’re offered, and never hesitate to lend a helping hand to all young female entrepreneurs.

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