Girls in Tech Taiwan 40 under 40 Women in Tech 2017

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  • Posted: March 8, 2017

Here is our second year of Girls In Tech female super stars in technology industry. They are either working in the tech companies, serving a tech function, leading a tech community or in the process of founding great tech companies. They are our role models for empowerment and prospective mentors that will help a lot more women enter into the tech related jobs/industry and grow great careers.

Let’s thank them for their contribution and support to Girls in Tech Taiwan. Happy International Women’s Day to all the women that are changing the world via technology. #IWD2017  #BeBoldForChange

UI/UX Designers

Jenny Shen is an independent UX & UI Designer who creates remarkable digital products for companies all over the world. She has worked with innovative startups to brands like eBuddy, TravelBird, and Megabite Pizza. With a goal to have international experience and understanding of different cultures, she has lived and worked in 5 countries and 3 continents to date. Today, she focuses on designing for online travel companies, to empower travellers like herself to see the world. She also specializes in helping companies expand into new markets, utilizing her expertise in designing for international users. Being a diversity advocate, Jenny founded the Amsterdam chapter of Ladies that UX in 2015, an award-winning global community that aims to push the boundaries and promote women in UX. Her advice for women in tech: listen to your gut feelings, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, whether it is a raise or an opportunity. If you don’t ask, the answer is no by default. 



Shandy Tsai is an Associate PM/UX Designer at InternetBrands, the founder of NTHU UX Workshop. She’s passionate to design delightful experiences to inspire people.  She also wants to share to all the females: “It is important to love yourself first before someone else. It gives you confidence and approval. To be born in the era of technology, we’re lucky to access the knowledge which makes us stronger and powerful. Let’s make a better world :)”




Darla Huang, (English version will be posted soon…)








Eva Chu has 9 years in UX/UI industry and 2.5 years in IT industry. With efficient in User Experience and User Interface. Her also has some knowledge programming skills such as C#, Oracle & PL/SQL. Now she is a core member of Ladies that UX Taipei (LTUX Taipei), and is responsible for organizing and coordinating the monthly event.







Chi-heng Peng currently works at XYZprinting as a UX designer. She started as an industrial designer focusing on designing indoor furniture for everyday usage. A chance to the Nordic widens her vision of a new world of interaction design and HCI. She then later shifted her design focus from the tangible forms to the invisible interaction between products and humans. Her advice to females who are in the field: Share! Talk to people, learn from them and don’t hold back to also share what you know!




Eva Huang is a user experience expert and has years of experience in design management. She has led Tmall, Baidu 91, Ericsson UED team, and help ecommerce and live startups in Taiwan to plan APP strategy. Currently, she is passionate at UX education and training the new generation, and become the product bridge between VC and startups. She wants to encourage everyone in tech industry: “Who you are is what you do.





Christine Chen is a Senior Systems Engineer at Thales and a Board Director at The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering, Australia’s premier independent think-tank on engineering and science policy. She is currently working in a team building an open architecture integrated communications and computing system under the $1.3 billion Hawkei program at Thales, where she leads the Specialty Engineering capability and is the engineering liaison for the Remote Weapon Station. Christine has been awarded the Sydney Young Professional Engineer of the Year from Engineers Australia, NSW Young Achiever Award from the Australian Industry & Defence Network, and the Young Alumni Award from the University of Sydney Engineering & IT. She is also devoted to promoting the profession, and previously chaired Young Engineers Australia Sydney and deputy chaired the Australian Society for Defence Engineering (NSW). She wants to share to all the females: “Tech is definitely a rewarding career. It’s challenging, exciting, you’re working on building a better future for humanity, and you get to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Go in with an open mind, learn as much and as fast as you can, and be persistent.



Tzu-Chun Chen is both a software engineer in Beseye Cloud Security Co., Ltd. and one of the organizers of PyLadies Taiwan. “Coding is the magic in the real world” is one of her mottos. She graduated from National Taiwan University, with bachelor degrees master degrees in Computer Science and Information Engineering. She is out-going, kind and always enthusiastic about computer science. As one in Start-up, she is a full-stack developer who loves to solve problems and keeps trying new things and challenging herself. As one in PyLadies, she likes to communicate with people, meet new friends and help others. Her goal is to make more girls/ladies join in python and enjoy it! PyLadies Taiwan Facebook




Olly Chen is a data science enthusiast with e-commerce and healthcare background. Now she is working at an e-commerce company and dedicating in the field of data mining for years. Cause of open minded to lean new knowledge and likes to share experience with others. In the past 2 years, she gave talks for undergraduate students and R-Ladies Taipei, also joined multiple workshops for keeping updated. As a professional worker, she realizes the value of data mining and machine learning by hands-on marketing prediction and real-time cyber credit card fraud detection. Beside of that, she also loves to concern about environmental and health issues with data when she has free time.Olly wants to encourage all the females: “Straightforward become the person you want to be and never underestimate yourself. You can do it!



Mosky Liu has love with Python and open source, and is Python Charmer at Pinkoi, works with colleagues to build the best online marketplace for unique gifts. Since writing her first program, she has been using programming language to script virtual worlds from mental blueprints. She also loves sharing what she learned. She is teaching Python, working on Python projects, like Clime and MoSQL, and has spoken at PyCons, COSCUPs, TEDxNTUST in Taiwan, and PyCons in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. Mosky wants to share to everyone: “Do the thing you love with us – the community <3.






Mars Weng is the Data Engineer of Tripresso, responsible for crawling, cleaning travel data, and planning any possible data application. Solving problems is Mars’s core spirit, that she thinks not only coding but also teaching are good answers for this purpose. Being one of Pyladies hosts, Mars leads Python Beginners and ladies interested in web crawler. Her advices to women in tech: “Break out your comfort zone!” and “Follow your heart!





Vivian Kaun is a leader in app integration, and performance tuning for e-commerce platforms. With 10+ years of experience in the industry, Vivian has a proven track record of conquering new challenges while making use of up and coming technologies. Outside of software development, Vivian serves the Bay Area community as a language exchange event host for Mandarin speakers and learners. Vivian’s language exchange events allow Taiwanese students in Silicon Valley to connect with others through technology development and cultural discussion and cooperation. Vivian is also striving to increase exposure for Taiwanese students, international academic opportunities, and multi-cultural cooperation through her mentorship with “Women Who Code” hackathons, a global non-profit for women in tech.




Kristen Chan as a data scientist at Wave-In Communication Inc. Her expertise is in e-commerce data mining and telecom data analytics with statistics background. She loves to share experience or knowledge to people who are join in R-Ladies Taipei. And also help kids through the hour of code’s course and love to teach kids programming.







Joy Yang‘s background is biomedical engineer. she is a Software engineer and mainly responsible for research and develop the service about the patent data at InQuartik Inc.  She also one of the WOFOSS member. Joy believes: “Don’t be afraid we (girls) are different with other men in technology field, please keep optimism and positive.






Mia Chang is co-organizer of Azure Taiwan Community. She usually learns from communities and shares her experience to those who stocked on their learning path. She also brings different learning culture and knowledge back, when she goes to travel and visits the local community. From her expertise in Applied Mathematics & Algorithm Research, she worked as a data consultant with different startup projects and helped them to build up analysis system and optimize their marketing/branding strategy. Sometimes she teaches machine learning and data visualization. Share to women in tech: “Explore the world that gives you intuition and inspiration! In this journey, there will be lots of barriers. Believe in yourself, and keep going on. Being grateful to those who help you, also be willing to share when you are able to.”.



Nelly Chang, a business application professional with years’ experience in IT industry. She is a system analyst of big data product at Maxnerva and good at business process analysis and software requirement analysis. She is always curious and want to find something different. She loves to join the community activities to study and share with others, Girls in Tech is the favorite one. She tried to get more opportunity to grow up with others. Her advice to Girls in Tech: “Open your mind. Be willing to try new things. All your experiences will connect in your future.


 Program Management/Project Management/ Product Management

Jolie Huang is a Design Thinker at Accenture with experiences across business, design, and technology. Born with curiosity and thirst for problem-solving, Jolie believes that everything can be changed for the better. She leverages Design Thinking and emerging technology, especially Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, to help companies unlock business growth, identify new business models, and create innovative products, services, and experiences that people love. Jolie also provides thought leadership in innovation strategy and emerging technology trends that will shape the future of companies and industries. Outside of work, Jolie advises startups and students to develop innovation capabilities. In the early days, Jolie worked across Asia, Europe, and the U.S, and received MBA degree from HEC Paris and Duke University Fuqua School of Business. The quote to females in Technology territory:“Speak up. Never give up, never give in. Develop your strengths and be confident with your choice. Do not let your background or language limit your potential; rather, seek for challenges outside of your comfort zone.



Ting Wu currently works as a product manager at Verizon Telematics where she led a team and launched the first and second generation of telematics product Car-Net in China. She also won the first place of Verizon Telematics Hackthon in 2016. Before joining Verizon, she worked in diverse industries in Taiwan including finance, marketing and operation which paved the way for her future success in product management. She is passionate about technology innovation and global business strategy, especially in IOT space. In addition, she holds a MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of business and a BA degree from National Central University. Ting believes and wants to share with everyone: a) Be surrounded by A players. Work for someone you respect and admire. b) Be brave, don’t be perfect. Don’t try to fit into the society’s standard criteria. Embrace the imperfection of life and take the calculated risks. c) Working smart is more important than working hard. Be goal oriented.



Joanne Chang is a designer & entrepreneur within the startup tech space. She has been influenced by a multicultural background from Canada and Taiwan. She is passionate about designing novel experiences, from fun workshops to visual designs. Her favorite topics are logo design and infographics. She is currently Cofounder and Head of design for PicCollage. To all the young women who are in the startup community. There is nothing more fulfilling than working on the things you love, no matter if it is building a product or just getting to learn the skills you need to express yourself. The most important thing is making sure that the time you spend is worth it. And if you enjoy the ride, and learn from it, it will be. Live in the moment!




Inky Chang is a product leader at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, headquartered in Southern California. Born and raised in Taiwan, Inky is a graduate of National Taiwan University. After earning her MBA from UCLA, Inky joined in Seattle, pioneering new products for the Amazon Prime subscription service, delivering value to millions of customers. At BCG, she leads strategic initiatives and drives new innovations for Fortune 500 clients, helping them to adapt and stay competitive in today’s digital world. She channels her passion for innovation to build disruptive businesses with her clients, leveraging the latest technologies to better serve customers with increasingly diverse needs. Advice for women: “The biggest challenges are often the little ones you encounter everyday. Persevere and always take your rightful seat at the table





Phini Yang is with the experience incubated 150+ early stage Taiwanese startups while work in AppWorks, the biggest Accelerator in Asia, for three years. Reach out to South East Asia ecosystem and key players network throughout tech media company, e27, to build the bridge between SEA and Taiwan. As CEO of Taiwan Techmakers Association, help local startups tapping into global expansion. Also in order to get more international resource into Taiwan, join Startup Grind 2016 December, largest independent startup community in over 200 cities. She encourages all the women in technology: “Jump in! Connect the dots in your life. You will enjoy yo







Jade Chang currently works at Microsoft as Audience Evangelism Assistant Manager. She is in charged of Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program in Taiwan which is an one-year global tech intern program. She initiates “MSP Tech Communities in Campus” plan this year which will incubate MSP as community leaders and encourage young generation to embrace technology. In the meanwhile, she engages over 40 tech communities around Taiwan to provide different kind of supports from Microsoft to help these communities grow.





KIKI Shih works as a business analyst for start-ups and enterprises. She has a BA degree in Japanese Language and Literature from National Taiwan University, and a Master degree in Design from University of Leeds. She had been a planning staff in Japanese electronics company and an industry analyst for Laptops & tablet PC Market in Research Institute. She is good command of Japanese, English, Chinese, and sales Data analysis, Market research and Business analysis with design thinking. Also She is willing to be a bridge between Startups and PC supply chain companies.  She wants to share women in technology: “Pay more, get more and enjoy High-tech world with passion.






Ning Chen is co-organizer and co-founder of Taipei R-Ladies. She is good at web analysis, Industry analysis and community organization. She believes that data can make the world difference and contributes her times on make an environment for women with a range of skills, from “I think I want to learn” to expert will feel comfortable to cooperate with each other. She wants to share to women in tech: “Putting forward a public interest project, and you will get response and resource from others enthusiastic professionals and volunteers,who could make you growth. Simultaneously, all the participants including you can make a difference to our society.”

Weiwei Chiang is VP of Leopard Mobile and The chairwoman of Taiwan Techmaker association. She has about 14-year media(from broadcasting to print) experience in news and management department . She was also the deputy CEO of Republic of China(Taiwan) Centenary foundation. She wants to say to girls: As long as you are willing to try, it’s never too late to enter the tech industry.






Mica Huang is the Director of Product at Cardinal Blue Software, where she leads product development on PicCollage, a top 10 photo app with over 140 million installs globally. She joined the company as an intern while she was still an MBA student at NCTU, and fell in love with working in the technology startup industry. She picked up product knowledge and Lean Startup methods by working with the team, and ended up taking on increasingly more responsibilities on product management, team coordination and company operations. She has a passion for improving user experience and delivering fun and creative products like PicCollage to users around the world.



Amber Yu is a Product Manager at a healthcare startup called HealthExpense. She’s passionate about creating healthcare products for consumers in a complex healthcare landscape, and believes that technology can elevate how health information can be managed for everyone. She is also a board member of Girls in Tech San Francisco, and can be found planning hackathons with her team. Her advice to women in tech: we’re better together. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and help others along the way!



Human Resources

Jessie Chuang now is the Taiwan Talent Acquisition Manager for Corning Incorporated, one of the most innovative companies in the world. Before joining Corning, Jessie served different roles in HR function in Taiwan high-tech industry since 2005.  Jessie is highly passionate about being HR professional when she was 7. She believes people are the most valuable asset to the company. Being an excellent HR with warm heart can not only bring out the best from both employees and company, but also lead the company to sustainable growth. Never underestimate the influence power HR can bring into the organization.  Jessie likes to encourage people who wants to work for high-tech industry as HR: being HR is not just because you like to engage with people, you also need to understand organization, product and people of this industry, and then you will be able to provide the best solution to solve problems. That’s the true value of HR!


Silvia Yen with over 14 years marketing experiences in leading MNC including American Express, FareEastone Telecom, PCA Life Insurance and Yahoo!, Silvia now is a headhunter with focus on Consumer Goods and Ecommerce industry. Silvia not only provides talent sourcing services, but plays the role as a hub of network for professionals from various backgrounds. Silvia has strong passion on helping talents to explore their potentials and define their vision. She constantly shares her insights about career planning and leads 2 book-reading groups. Her advice to women in tech: It’s all about creating value to the human beings as a whole.



Tech Entrepreneurs

Fiona Lau, co-founder and COO of SHOPLINE, has a strong background in retail and consumer industry in Asia, with past experiences at Disney and Goldman Sachs. Fiona spearheaded SHOPLINE’s first expansion into Taiwan in 2015, from building up the 60-person team, building exclusive partnerships and driving customer acquisition. Currently, over 85,000 e-commerce brands worldwide have chosen SHOPLINE as their e-commerce partner, with more than 2X growth in the past year. SHOPLINE is also supported by strong global investors such as 500 Startups and Alibaba’s HK Entrepreneurs Fund. In 2017, SHOPLINE is targeting another year of high growth to reach 120,000 customers. She also wants to encourage to others: “female entrepreneurs would be “Perseverance”. There will be ups and downs in your journey, just believe in yourself and you will succeed!”





Frances Huang is the founder and CEO of Warmie. During medical school life, she’s developed knowledge of public health, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship. Frances was inspired by her own family members with gynecological problems. She found a way to track period more efficient from medical references. It motivates her to start a digital health company, Warmie Health. Warmie Health teams up with the experts such as gynecologists, Chinese medicine doctors, fitness coaches to design an app helping women track their period. Frances believes the routine tracking like basal body temperature measuring and 4 phases of menstrual cycle observing would let women obtain better health management, fitness plan and prevent disease.  Frances enjoys classical music. She often comes up with ideas when playing the piano or composing songs. Regular fitness three times a week is always on her to-do list. She thinks cultivating diverse hobbies could keep energetic and active. Her life’s ethos:”Dare to dream, follow your heart, and execute your plan” and she wants to share with everyone.


Claire Chang is a person who loves to learn new things, go traveling and understand new possibilities. In 2016, Claire founded her own firm TECHMOI. Based on her professional experience in business development and marketing, she would like to help startup teams in Taiwan to find more possibility in the world. To all the girls: “Go for it, you’ll never know your possibility until you try it.





Ching-Mei Chen is the co-founder and Head of Product and Partnerships for Cardinal Blue, creators of mobile photo app, PicCollage. She received a PhD in Economics at Cornell University and worked at the U.S. Department of Defense in the Pentagon before moving to Taiwan.  She met her co-founders in 2008 when Cardinal Blue was building social apps on the Facebook Platform.  In 2011, they launched their first mobile app, PicCollage, which grew to have over 140 million downloads and became a profitable business.  She wants to share to everyone: “The first step for others not to set limits on you is to not set limits on yourself.  Be gender-blind, be the best you can be as you, not as a woman. Humility is good, but remove the 【不敢當】 mindset. 當 it!Own it!





Hannah Chou has diverse experiences in public relations, project management, team building, and entrepreneurship across the areas of consumer electronics, translation services, internet, apps, social enterprise, and startup accelerator. Since she returned to Taiwan from New York in 2012, she’s been a serial entrepreneur. Over the years, she found the most important factor to success (or failure) is “people” and therefore she highly values the integrity of the founders and the people she works with. Through her involvement with Girls in Tech and other female entrepreneurs group, she has seen tremendous entrepreneurial spirit in women of all ages from the food industry, manufacturing, distribution to technologies. She was Cartier Women’s Initiative Award Laureate in 2015 for making social impact in creating innovative job opportunities for persons with disabilities. Now she’s dedicated to fostering female entrepreneurship in both tech and non-tech space while planning her next startup. “Step out your comfort zone. Challenge the world, challenge the others, and challenge yourself.”, from Hannah to all the female entrepreneur.



Jennifer Ping is with over 10 years in digital marketing & analytics, also  helped organizations large and small in their path to optimizing digital campaigns and establishing solid analytics foundations and processes for data-driven insights and opportunities.  Her career began in digital marketing with SEO and eventually expanded into paid campaign management managing over USD $1 million+ campaigns.  Using metrics as the basis for her optimizations, she began to dive more and more into web analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.  In 2013, she started her consulting practice Universal Insights Analytics helping multinational brands and Fortune companies maximize value in their marketing efforts and ensure accuracy and integrity of their analytics processes.  Advice to everyone: “Don’t let anyone limit or dictate what you can or cannot do. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.




Tiffany Chou, (the English version will be posted soon…)









Tina Lin, Founder of Eros Party ( While studied abroad for her MBA degree at the U.S, Tina observed her foreigner friends are good at social interaction, starting a conversation, and showing self-confidence and charm. Compared to foreigner friends, most of Taiwanese are in a small social circle. They don’t know who to go with or what activity to participate after work. Thus, Tina founded Eros Party ( and held a variety of theme activities. She wants to make everyone enjoy the activities, meet new friends, and expand friends circle easily.







Sophia Lin has worked across strategy and investing for eight years. She currently founds and leads marketplace startups in both fintech and consumer sectors. A tech enthusiast and an entrepreneur at heart, Sophia is passionate about bringing technology that drives innovation in the underserved segments.  Before pursuing her passion in entrepreneurship, Sophia led a US$100 million investment at a boutique investment fund, focusing on agriculture and beverage sectors. She built out the fund’s operations and investment practice from scratch. With limited resources on hand, she helped the firm acquire a strategic partnership with a Fortune 100 company. In her spare time, Sophia also consulted businesses on financial analysis and business strategy. Sophia Lin holds an MBA degree from MIT and a BA from National Taiwan University. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin. Sophia has worked in multiple countries including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. She shares to everyone: “Stay humble to learn what you haven’t achieved, but not too humble to share what you have achieved.



范逸嫻, (English version will be posted soon)







Hana Chang, Englsih version and photo will be updated soon…



UI/UX 設計領域

Jenny Shen (中文版敬請期待..)







蔡宜軒(Shandy Tsai) (目前於洛杉磯Internetbrands,擔任協同產品經理兼UX設計師,致力於創造美好的使用者經驗,並最佳化其商業價值。2014清大工業工程學系畢業,榮獲畢業生最高榮譽梅貽琦獎章;2016完成USC產品開發工程碩士學位。同時為清大UX工作坊的創辦人,每年回母校分享、推廣以人為本的設計理念。她想告訴所有女孩們:「愛自己與對自己有自信很重要!你要知道,自己是很堅強、很美麗的!我們比過往的女性還要幸福,有透明的科技讓我們與知識連結、更有力量。讓我們一起讓這世界更美好!」





Darla Huang 為Heasrt Taiwan 產品經理,網路科技業10年資歷,曾擔任PIXNET UX Deisgn manager,Mitac神通電腦分析師。擅長網路系統服務開發、數據研究分析、專案管理、結合User-centered design導入服務開發前、中、後期。Darla 認為好的網路服務除了滿足使用者需求,還需提供良好體驗過程,同時又能兼顧公司策略目標的達成。對於創業感興趣、曾經開設下午茶餐廳,經媒體採訪、採訪內容被收錄在台南美好小旅行旅遊指南中。






Eva Chu 擁有9 年專攻使用者經驗與介面設計領域、2.5 年在 IT 產業擔任程式設計師一職。擅長使用者經驗與介面設計。具有程式設計師背景,有相關 C#, Oracle 與 PL/SQL 知識與經驗。現在也是 Ladies that UX Taipei 的核心成員,負責組織活動內容。








彭季珩(Chi-Heng Peng)目前於三緯國際立體列印擔任使用者經驗設計師。大學工業設計系畢業後投入傢俱設計,執行傢俱外觀、組裝結構和安全考量之整合。 一個偶然的機會將她領到北歐,並踏進互動設計和HCI的世界。此後設計重心自有形的產品外觀,移至研究人與產品間無形的互動。她給其他朋友的建議是:多多分享與交流!聆聽別人的想法,同時也大方分享自己所知道的!





Eva Huang 是擁有多年設計管理經驗的用戶體驗專家, 她曾經帶領過阿里天貓, 百度91, Ericsson UED團隊, 並協助台灣客製化電商及直播新創團隊規劃產品. 近期致力於推廣用戶體驗教育,培養新世代, 期許自己成為VC及新創團隊的產品橋樑。





陳嘉臨(Christine Chen)畢業自雪梨大學電機系碩士和台灣交通大學電機系學士。目前在Thales Australia任職資深系統工程師,同時也身兼澳洲著名的科學和工程智庫 – The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering – 的董事。她目前在一個澳幣$13億的案子帶領著一群電波、系統安全工程和人機工程學領域的工程師們為澳洲國防部開發一套開放式通訊和電腦系統。另外她同時也身兼遙控武器系統(Remote Weapon Station)的項目首席系統工程師。Christine她曾經榮獲雪梨年度年輕工程師獎、州立國防年輕成就獎、和雪梨大學工程學院的年輕校友成就獎。除了工作之外她也很熱衷於宣揚工程和科技業在社會的重要性,並曾經任職雪梨年輕工程師學會的主席和州立國防工程師學會的副主席。






陳姿君(Tzu-Chun Chen)是雲守護的軟體工程師,也是Pyladies台灣的負責人之一,她認為”程式是現實世界中的魔法”。大學與碩士畢業於台灣大學資訊工程,姿君人十分外向,活潑友善,對電腦科學有著極大的熱情。從公司來看,她是全端工程師,喜愛解決問題,嘗試新技術與自我挑戰。在 PyLadies 中,她喜歡與人交流,認識新朋友與幫助他人,希望能夠讓更多的女生們加入 Python 的世界並享受其中。 PyLadies Taiwan Facebook 粉絲頁







Olly Chen 是資料科學愛好者,她具備電子商務及醫療照護的雙重背景‧目前致力於資料探勘‧平時樂於學習新知與交流,在過去兩年間,她曾對大學生及R-Ladieis Taipei分享所學,同時也熱衷參與多種不同的工作坊吸收新知‧作為一名專業的工作者,她藉由支援市場行銷及網路信用卡詐騙即時偵測,實現了資料探勘與機器學習的價值‧工作之餘,也運用資料的力量關切環境、社會與健康相關議題。

R Ladies Taiwan Facebook 社群






Mosky Liu 是個熱愛 open source 精神的 Python 工程師,也是 Pinkoi 的 Python Charmer,工作時和同事一起打造能夠買到獨特禮物的設計品購物平台。自從寫下人生第一支程式後,就難以忘懷以敘述為磚、邏輯為泥,堆砌出腦中藍圖的成就感,也熱愛分享自己所學。曾是數場國內外研討會的講者,包含臺灣的 PyCon、COSCUP、TEDxNTUST,以及在日本、新加坡、香港、韓國等地的 PyCon,同時也是無數場 Python 課程講師。








Mars Weng 現任職於Tripresso,擔任資料工程師,工作內容是旅行資料的爬蟲抓取與資料清理,以及規劃各種可能的資料整合應用。解決問題是 Mars 的核心精神,不只寫程式可以達到這個目的,培養夥伴學習程式也是一個很好的解答,目前擔任PyLadies Hosts之一,負責帶領初探Python或是對網路爬蟲有興趣的ladies。對於從事科技業女性的建議是:「打破自己的舒適圈」& 「不忘初心」。








Vivian Kaun (中文版敬請期待…) 







Kristen Chan目前在Wave-In Communication Inc. 擔任數據科學家。她的專長是電子商務資料探勘和電信數據分析。 她樂於與R-Ladies Taipei的夥伴分享經驗和知識,也喜歡教小朋友們寫程式並帶著他們完成Hour of code的課程。 Kristen 想要告訴各位女孩:「相信自己迎接挑戰,並對自己的能力有信心!持續下去,不要被打倒!







楊巧如(Joy Yang) 學歷背景為醫學工程,現為孚創雲端的軟體工程師,負責專利的數據分析以及功能研發。目前也是WOFOSS的成員之一

WOFOSS 女子自由社群 Facebook 社團






張懷文(Mia Chang)是Azure Taiwan的共同創辦人,常於各社群學習,並回饋給在學習路上同樣感到困惑的夥伴們。也會於旅遊時拜訪當地社群,把多元的學習文化以及知識帶回交流。背景為應數及演算法研究,目前為資料顧問,與不同的新創團隊合作,協助建置分析系統、透過數據協助數位品牌及行銷最佳化,平時也提供機器學習與資料視覺化等相關教學。






Nelly Chang目前任職於Maxnerva進行大數據產品的系統分析師,擅長於企業流程分析及軟體系統需求分析。她不甘平凡且好奇,喜歡找出別人不易發現的差異;她熱愛學習和分享,喜歡和別人一塊成長的感覺,Girls in Tech就是她最喜歡的社群。想對Girls in Tech的伙伴說:不要放過任何一個新體驗的機會,現在每個小小的累積都在成就未來的你。





Jolie Huang 現居美國谷,以設計思考為客找出企業增長方案及創新商業模式,並結合人工智能以及物聯網等新興科技打造深受人們喜愛的品、服務、和體驗。Jolie 提供未來科技趨勢分析以及設計思考相關指導以賦予企業創新思維能力。Jolie 是土生土長台北人,多年來闖蕩中國、巴黎、紐約、舊金山等地,並於 HEC Paris 取得 MBA 學位。





Ting Wu, (中文版敬請期待…)







張同亨(Joanne  Chang)是科技新創界的設計師和創業家。自幼生長環境受不同文化的背景影响,從加拿大到台灣。她對設計新鮮的體驗有熱誠,從workshops到視覺設計。她目前最有興趣的題材是設計研究,識別標志設計和infographics資訊圖表。目前她擔任拼貼趣的共同創辦人兼藝術總監。給所有新創界的女生朋友:沒有比投入自己喜歡的事業更有滿足感,不管是做產品或是學習自我表達的語言或技能。最重要的是確保你所花的時間是值得的。若你樂在參於這旅程並有所學習,日子會快樂,活在當下吧!





在台灣土生土長的張愔琪(Inky Chang),畢業於台灣大學國企系。對電子商務充滿熱情,嚮往用數據及科技解決問題。自加州大學洛杉磯分校取得企業管理碩士後,加入美國亞馬遜,在西雅圖總部負責產品開發以利會員招募。愔琪目前在波士頓管理顧問公司擔任首席產品經理,協助全球性企業創新轉型,邁向電子化,並主導設立新創公司切入新興市場。








Phini Yang 對建立台灣新創生態圈擁有極大熱情與貢獻,除了協助早期新創公司在創業初期問題,並致力於將台灣新創與國際資源連結。於亞洲最大的加速器中心 AppWorks 服務三年期間,協助培育了 150+ 早期新創團隊,也加入新加坡網路科技媒體 e27 協助台灣建立與東南亞網絡橋樑。在台灣紫牛創業協會擔任 CEO 時,舉辦近 50 場創業分享活動,並帶 5 隊新創公司到矽谷參與培育計畫。近期,更加入了全球最大的獨立創業社群 Startup Grind,連結全球 200 個城市創業社群。








張婕(Jade Chang)目前任職於台灣微軟技術社群行銷副理,並為 Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) 全球實習計畫台灣負責人,鼓勵學生擁抱科技、善用科技解決問題,並於今年發起校園技術社群計畫,將培養 MSP 成為社群領導者,進入校園建立自己的社群並推廣自己熱愛的技術。同時也積極與全台各地技術社群合作,旨在提供各種微軟資源來協助台灣的技術社群能更蓬勃發展。





KIKI Shih 主修古典音樂,畢業於台大日文系和在英國University of Leeds取得 MA Design。而後歷經日商電子企劃部、研究機構行動電腦產業分析師等職務,目前對新創事業體提供市場分析和商業規劃等顧問服務,同時鏈結PC供應鏈與新創事業體,對高科技新技術、新產品等策略有高度興趣,是個自感性業界橫跨到具理性的科技業界的女性。








Ning Chen是台北R-Laides的創辦人及營運人之一,她擅長網站、產業分析及社群經營,並相信資料可以讓世界變得不一樣。她嘗試將時間及精力花在創造一個對於初學者及專家都友善的協作環境。

R Ladies Taiwan Facebook 社群




蔣志薇(Wei Wei),媒體人出身,擁有橫跨廣播及電視新聞第一線政治記者及新聞部主管完整資歷,曾擔任歷時兩年半、規劃國家一百年慶典的高階主管,並擁有三年半國際媒體中文版台灣營運總監管理資歷。邁入不惑之年前,她以累積多年的跨界、兩岸三地及走訪多國的工作經驗,透過獨特的視角、紮實精準的經驗決策力,為網路產業帶來新思維。想要給女生的一句話:「科技產業對文科出生的我,一直是男性的天下,曾經如此遙遠,一個不經意地轉身,跨入移動互聯網的世界,科技永遠貼近人性,只要願意,起步永遠不嫌晚。






Mica(黃亞筑)現於Cardinal Blue Software擔任Director of Product,主要領導PicCollage拼貼趣的產品開發。PicCollage拼貼趣在iOS和Android平台上多年來榮登美國排行榜照相類別前十名,目前在全球已超過一億四千萬次下載。 Mica就讀交通大學經營管理所時以營運管理實習生加入Cardinal Blue,在沒有任何科技背景下,她仍然深深喜歡上以科技為重的新創文化。除了參與公司營運管理,Mica直接從團隊合作開發產品的過程中學習產品管理知識和精實創業的精神,目前主要負責在團隊中和不同角色溝通協調以了解及解決使用者的問題和需求,持續為使用者開發更好用更好玩的產品。




Amber Yu, (中文版敬請期待…) 









Jessie Chuang目前在台灣康寧擔任人才招募經理,主要負責台灣區人才招募與相關專案業務。Jessie2005年在美國取得MBA學位返台後,便一直在科技業擔任人力資源工作。Jessie對人資工作擁有高度熱情,除了所學與個人志趣外,亦受到同為人資專業工作者的父親所影響,她堅信做個有溫度的人資,及時給予員工協助、幫助企業解決問題,才能彰顯人力資源工作的專業,優質的人資團隊能為企業帶來永續經營的機會,不要小看人資帶來的影響。




Silvia Yen,  (中文版敬請期待…) 










劉煦怡(Fiona Lau)為SHOPLINE的共同創辦人兼營運長,創業前Fiona曾任職於迪士尼與高盛集團,累積了豐富的產業經驗。Fiona擅長以合作導向的行銷與營運策略領導團隊,更在2015年帶領團隊打進台灣電商市場。SHOPLINE成立至今,每年客戶數年成長皆超過200%,團隊也從3人成長到現今的60人。目前全球已有超過85,000個電商品牌選擇SHOPLINE開店,更獲得來自500 startups、阿里巴巴香港創業基金的支持,預計2017年總客戶數上看12萬家!








黃欣宜(Frances Huang)是小暖健康的創辦人與CEO,她在醫學大學生活中,建立了公共衛生、會計、行銷與企業家精神方面的知識,由於家庭成員有過婦科疾病相關的問題,加上她從醫學文獻當中發現追蹤經期的方法,驅使她成立智慧醫療新創公司的動機。小暖健康( )是一個整合婦產科醫師、中醫、健身教練所設計來幫助女生追蹤經期的App。她相信這些像是基礎體溫的測量與生理週期的四個階段觀察法,能夠幫助女生建立更好的健康管理、運動健身並且預防疾病。欣宜很喜歡古典音樂,常常在彈琴、寫曲子時得到許多靈感,每週規律健身三次也是必做的事情之一。她認為培養多元的興趣有助於保持能量與活躍。她的人生哲學:「敢於夢想;追隨心聲;執行計畫」並且想分享給大家。




Claire Chang 喜歡學習、旅行及了解新事物。2016年,Claire憑藉著多年從學校產學合作專案將實驗室技術商業化、教學及在新創公司擔任國內外事業開發、行銷的經驗,成立了TECHMOI。希望能藉由自己的經驗協助台灣團隊在國際市場上能有更多的發展機會。想要給女孩們的一句話:「給女生們的話:唯有勇敢去做,才知道原來自己這麼多的可能!」






陳慶梅(Ching-Mei Chen)為Cardinal Blue軟體公司共同創辦人,目前擔任「PicCollage拼貼趣」業務總監。出生於美國,大學前在新加坡長大,畢業於康乃爾大學經濟學博士,過去曾任職於五角大厦,目前居於台灣及美國加州山景城兩地,實踐startup的冒險精神!








周涵 (Hannah Chou)有公關、專案管理、團隊營運與創業經驗,領域橫跨消費性電子產品、翻譯服務、互聯網、App、社會企業與新創加速器。2012年自紐約返台後,她就踏上創業的不歸路。2015年因為在推動身障就業的努力與社會影響力,她成為台灣首度入選並獲得法國卡地亞靈思湧動女性創業家獎的女性。現在她除了積極推動女性創業外,也正在籌備下一個創業項目。









Jennifer Ping, (中文版敬請期待)









Tiffany Chou 四年來一直致力於幫助新世代人才的職涯,尤其是女性人才,用線上內容和線下實體活動課程,共幫助了將近兩百萬的讀者。創辦的 CAREhER 用細膩的女性角度,製作了紮實的內容和語音專訪,四年來已經專訪了分佈 20 多座國際城市的 70 多位優秀女性人才,說她們的職涯故事,來幫助更多人找到屬於自己的職涯。希望看見更多女性都能更快樂、更發揮所長、更有成就感的工作,在不同領域發光發熱。Tiffany 想要跟在科技業工作的女生說,不要害怕自己不同,用你最自在自信的方式,一定能走出適合的路。建立自己的人脈,有策略但開心地做自己有熱情的事情最重要。






林彥廷(Tina Lin) 昱科網路公司創意總監,Eros 主題派對創辦人

留美時觀察到國外交友風氣盛行,對於穿著談吐、聊天搭訕都很自然,輕鬆散發自信與魅力。相對於國外,台灣多數的上班族的交友圈狹小,下班後也不知道要跟誰出去、參加什麼活動?於是創辦了 Eros 主題派對,舉辦各式的主題活動,希望大家在參加活動之餘,也能認識更多新朋友,輕鬆拓展交友圈,讓下班後的生活變得精彩!Tina相信:「不要害怕犯錯!創業就是要不斷創新,持續修正。 只有從錯誤中學習,才能一直進步」






Sophia Lin 累積多年的金融及商業經驗,目前為金融科技及消費科技的新創公司創辦人,專注於平台業務(marketplace)的發展及策略。在投身科技新創前,Sophia 在投資公司任職,負責總額一億美元的農業及飲品市場投資計畫。她於公司草創時期加入並協助公司建立投資模型及營運。Sophia 並同時帶領多次投資談判,協助公司取得與全球前100強集團的策略合作。Sophia 於台灣大學取得學士,並於美國麻省理工商學院取得商管碩士。精通中英文,並曾於新加坡,香港,台灣,澳洲,及美東工作及生活。











張芷芸(Hana Chang)受到媽媽是鋼琴老師影響,十五歲便開始音樂創作,十七歲開始自學網站架設,放音樂和文字創作。上大學後加入創作樂團,寫了數十首歌,同時開始接網站架設的案子,也開始寫部落格。大四時休學前往澳洲打工度假一年,回台灣之後和朋友共同創辦獎金獵人。2013 年底入選 500 Startups,成為台灣第四個團隊前往矽谷獨立完成首輪募資;2014 年回台灣開始規劃擴張,並於 2015 開始計畫推出個人音樂創作 EP,2016 年完成製作,2017 年正式發行。同時幫助獎金獵人使用者成長 40%,業績成長 50% 並順利進入正向金流,接下來目標是走向國際。曾入選 500 startups,並獲得募資 1500 萬 – 讓獎金獵人進入正向金流。想要給女性的一句話:「善用女人魅力,但不要忘記時時充實內在。」

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