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Happy International Women’s Day to All The Women Who Are Changing The World with Power in Technology! 

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Bravo to our third year of Girls In Tech Taiwan highlighting professionals who have phenomenal impacts & career growth in the technology industry! Woohoo! This year, we added a section called “Ecosystem Enablers” to honor the people(no matter if they are women) that are shaping a better environment of women in tech.

As women are very capable of inspiring and leading others, Girls in Tech Taiwan’s mission is to build a community that encourages female professionals in the tech industry to outgrow themselves and nurture each other to excel their expertise in professional fields. We would like to encourage more women who are interested but unsure of how to enter or transition into the tech industry by presenting 40 role models who are making impacts every day.

Hands up for a round of applause for the contribution and support of these brilliant inspirations to Girls in Tech Taiwan!


Product & Project Managers


Anya Cheng is now Lead of Express Wi-Fi Product Marketing, Tech, and Innovation for Facebook in Silicon Valley, born and raised in Taiwan and started her career as a reporter at Apple Daily. Because of her courage and dedication, she landed a job in the U.S. after studying master degree in the U.S. during 2008 global economic crisis, won Webby and 11 awards over time, and became Head of Product, Emerging Markets of eBay at 2016. She is brave and proactive. She has also been an active advocator for women leadership in tech and is the role model of girls who pursue dreams. From one minor misstep in her early career, she learned that a successful product in one area may not be as successful in another place, and it’s important to always go back to the basics to capture the essential needs. Just like sport game, any new game is a new start. By leveraging this learning, she later became very successful in launching global products for eBay and more.

Be BRAVE! Go FAIL! You don’t make mistakes; mistakes made you.
When you fail, you learn; when you fail, you live.

Learn more about her on Facebook 矽谷阿雅, her LinkedIn profile, 中天新聞-低薪時代,求職主動出擊 (8:00s~13:32s) ,  今周刊-台灣女孩剛畢業 就讓《紐時》高層約面試.


Ying-Ju (Ru) Li currently works at Google as a Contract Manufacturing Manager, supporting Google Data Center machine manufacturing and deployment. Before joining Google, she was a Display Global Commodity Manager responsible for display sourcing and supplier management for Kindle Tablet. She worked at Lab126 (Kindle division at Amazon) for almost 5 years. Prior to that, she worked at Microsoft Xbox Business Operations team for 4+ years. She got her MBA degree from University of Washington in Seattle in 2006 and started working at Microsoft after graduation. Prior to MBA, she worked at Venture Capital in Taiwan for another 4+ years.

Don’t be shy to speak up and strive for what you want.

She chose to be a stock market researcher as her first job after graduating from college as she assumed it would be the best job for a college graduate with the economics major. It turned out that the job was not what she was interested in and the industry was quite different from what she thought, so she decided to completely change her career after pursuing MBA degree. Luckily it was not too late, but starting over a new career path took her a lot of efforts in job hunting in the beginning. If she could have done something different, she would make more research before choosing the first job after college, and think more thoroughly about what type of job would better fit her interest, personalities, and life goal. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Meng-Chun (Stella) Chen is currently taking responsibilities for risk advisory in IT industry and drives the software audit result through consultation and support. She, as one of two representatives with a digital marketing background out of 30 members, also joined Facebook #SheMeansBusiness Program to help members drive business results on Facebook through consultation, education, support, and also collected the feedbacks back to headquarter in Singapore. She has abundant experiences in working (USA) and studying (Germany) aboard as well as mentoring business graduates to sharpen their expertise in areas of Marketing and Human Resources.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind, and trust you can make more than you think, even hard to change the whole environment, but things always start form little, one day these faiths will sparkle yourself and take you to wherever you want to go.

At the beginning of Stella’s career, it was a hard time for her to find the passion. Gradually, after working for two years, she has come to acknowledge the fact that missteps were meant to lead to realize who she truly is and what she can achieve. Her best solutions to go through the struggles are breaking down self-limitation, seeking advisories form others and finding people who can make you better. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Chelsea Chen currently devotes herself to an innovation consulting firm in Shanghai with the vision of shaping a sustainable future, where she helps visionary companies to foster business growth and digital transformation. Previously, she served as a core member of several from-early-to-growth-stage startups in China and Taiwan, where she cultivated a holistic view of how business systems work and helped our companies to identify business opportunities, established growth strategies and developed new markets. In 2013, she was selected as the oversea delegate of Young Entrepreneurs of the Future program and got the opportunity to visit several innovation hubs in the US. Before, she co-curated TEDxTainan to build vibrant change-makers community in Tainan, the most historical city of Taiwan.

Just believe in yourself, sit on the table and go for it. Gender shall not limit the height of your achievements. There’s no perfect formula for the work-life balance, so just follow your heart and do what’s right for you.

She began her career in an early-stage startup which she involved in the whole process from technology commercialization, product conception, prototyping to fundraising but the company didn’t survive the valley of death eventually. The failed startup experience taught her several lessons including to focus on the essence of a business and to view the world as a whole system that delivers the right value to the right people at the right timing matters. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online portfolio.


Chelsea Kao is always a curious person. Starting from “wondering whys”, she quickly learned how to Google, then started her journey of “Why not”. Out of the thirst for trying new things, she’s always willing to leave the familiar & routine and take risks. Began with switching major from Political Science to Marketing, then was taking the internship in a design company, moving on to joining software startup as a Marketing associate who designs UI/ UX. Till now, I’m a Product Owner in a streaming service provider, and she isn’t gonna stop here.

Learn as much as you can, try as hard as possible. Then, act like an owner.

She doesn’t regret any decisions she has made in her life. She knows it’s such a cliché to say so, but she meant it. She has made mistakes, learned her lessons, met so many cool and nice people, these all make her who she is today, and she is quite happy with what she has accomplished in her career so far. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Yi-Lin Chen is a digital assistant manager and startup program organizer. She served more than 100 clients to provide their integration online marketing solutions. Awarded as Yahoo Certified Lecturer, she gives speeches to those who are passionate about new trends in media with more than 800 marketing directors attended. She also is awarded top sales representative of Yahoo for 2 consecutive years (2016 &2017). In terms of part-time work, she established the startup lab program for Girls in Tech Taiwan with 5 members to connect female founders together by monthly meetups and acted as the host of all 20 sessions. They have attracted more than 700 attendances and achieved 95% satisfaction rate.

Be bold! If your heart beats for the path you have chosen, keep running.

Her decision-making and communication skill are the keys to reach the sales goal. Learn more about her on LinkedIn, Yahoo! or USelect.


Yi-Ying Chen is a professional project manager with almost 5 years of regional science experience. A trustworthy team-player not only have led cross-boundary teams to accomplish more than 15 projects, which created a great amount of revenue, but also speaks English fluently and confident about delivering speeches. As a self-driven learner, she aims to devote herself to applying the spatial data analysis to improve the living quality. Having once struggled yet still failed to acquire more recourse in one project she was in charge, in retrospect, she now has learned how to better handle conflicts between different positions with more efficient communication without prejudice. She encourages females professionals to trust themself first to be able to prove it to the others. When it comes to discussing whether men and women are treated equally or not, her suggestion is….

Even though gender discrimination still exists, when it comes to you do not take it personally. 

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Lillian Lu is in charge of community management and business development in Taiwan for Nulab Inc. She believes that collaboration and collision are the keys to success, which leads her to organize many events to promote and increase possible collaboration for different communities and startups.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks, taking risks will enrich your life and make your business or career much more rewarding.

There are many things she wishes she could have done differently, but those were the best decisions she could have made with the information and resources she had at the time. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online blog.


Ecosystem Enablers


Jill Chang has over 10 years experience covering various industries including nonprofit, media, international business, and sports management. Having been the only woman in all her previous workplaces, as an introvert, she had trained herself to bold and feel comfortable of being the centre of attention, and then realized that the most efficient way to make positive influence in her daily life is just to be true herself. Once having spent too long in a position that was considered “a dream job” by the others but didn’t fit her passion, she has come to realized that, if she had a chance choose again, in retrospect, she’d dream bigger, be more ambitious, and more aggressive in doing things she truly cares and is passionate about!

Be authentic, be ambitious, and don’t be afraid of being amazing! 

She welcomes students in any majors of any ages for her advice in career development. The following categories of people seem to benefit the most:

  • Who are unsure of whether to go abroad to pursue higher education, change career path, etc.
  • Introverts that can’t find their voices in the school and workplace
  • Girls who have questions about the future (e.g. work/life balance, career plans, etc.)

Learn more about her on LinkedIn, and Give2Asia, an international grant maker with the purpose of strengthening communities throughout Asia by building trusted networks for charitable investment.


Enid Tian, is now the Head of AppWorks School, where she helps young people acquire the necessary programming skills as well as computational thinking mindset to start a career in Internet. She received B.A. in Finance yet went on a quite different way from most of her classmates that joining in Banks, Security Brokers or Consulting firms. She found it interesting to help startup founders and happy to see the positive impacts those people driving hard to make since her internship with AppWorks back to 2011. So that she chose to stay on as Analyst focused on investment deals and portfolio management. As the growth of portfolios of AppWorks, there comes the need of software engineers which the supply from university is far from enough. With the motivation of challenge herself and to help the whole Internet community, Enid took on the challenge and helped AppWorks launch its own School in 2016 that free to help people become engineers and join Internet Companies.

For women whom hesitate to become an engineer: I have seen many many great female engineers without related CS education background. All you have to do is to tear off labels that limit yourself, enjoy learning and embrace challenges!

She finds great pleasures in helping people with their career decisions if anyone is hesitating to become an engineer without CS background or any position in Internet, feel free to reach her! Learn more about her on LinkedIn, and AppWorks School, a 14-week full-time training program, now has launched a female-only batch since fall of 2017 that helped 10 girls became iOS developers.


Hsiao-Ting (Hitomi) Kao is the Associate Director of Venturecraft’s investment department. She oversees Venturecraft’s investment interests and also operation in Taiwan and leads the formulation of high-impact partnerships with critical stakeholders of the Group. Prior to joining Venturecraft, she served at the Overseas and Industry Service Division of the Taipei Computer Association. Through her work at the Association, she provided essential support to Taiwan-based ICT firms to reach global markets. She has given advice to more than 30 tech startups on fundraising, business development and operation, also assist them to validate their business idea, especially in the healthcare space.

As technology improves every day, new developments are constantly infiltrating our lives. Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the tech area at any time and also making sure that the time you spend is worth it.

She always plans ahead and proceeds everything on her work with caution, so there is rarely misstep happened. Learn more about her on LinkedIn, VentureCraft or her talk at Rocket Cafe.


Joy Chiang, specializes in general management and business development, is a born leader who has exceptional people skills. She has acquired 10 years of professional experiences in tech industry of both multinational corporate and a series of startups, in which she experienced both success and failure, building up her insights from dynamic perspectives. While living and working in multiple countries, Joy has opened up her vision when she saw how female is equally essential and capable of being at the management level. Having witnessed the strength that women bring to workforce, she has grew to be even more confident and brave in seeking what is wanted in life. grow.

Never doubt what you can do, never underestimates yourself. Always step up for what you deserve, empower yourself with confidence and bravery.

Joy is now a core member of Girls in Tech Taiwan and dedicates in empowering women. She has initiated and led “Girls In Tech Taiwan MentorShip” program with the goal of supporting more women in tech to thrive and grow. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Jane Wei is the co-founder of BeExpat, she works as a technical recruiter more than 2 years and dedicated to matching the tech talent with the best-fit job opportunities in Asia. Jane loves technology and the startup culture. She has worked in the startup, Sudo, an internet startup funded by AppWorks Ventures which aims to be the best partner for recruiting top-tier tech talent. Jane also hosted meetup and seminar, such as Android Taipei, Sudo Salon, HackerChips and Android Hackathon to attract tech talents to share their experience and side projects.
She enjoys in communicating with people, connecting talents with promising companies. She also loves to share her observation and information about the industry.

Jane always believes that “sharing” makes the knowledge, information and the experience we had more valuable.

She also wants to encourage others: Don’t be afraid to fail, it will bring you to success. Let’s enjoy the ups and downs of our life, and share the learning and reflection with each other. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Huai-Chueh Wu is the Vice President of External Affairs of Federation of Medical Students’ Association Taiwan; researcher in public health especially in Geomedicine; Editor of Public Medicine Taiwan (公醫時代). Participating in too many different areas deviates herself from focusing on the field that she’s really interested in. She thinks she should have pondered more before she stepped in another specialty.

We may be underestimated due to our gender; however, we can see that differently – we can be (or are) better than our counterparts.

The ecosystem of medicine has been described as “the white tower”, representing a society with strict hierarchy, disciplinary regulations, and sometimes, injustice. It’s not uncommon to be harassed or abused in the field of medicine, on top of that, there’s glass ceilings toward gender and sexuality. She is looking forward to bring in more female perspectives into the white tower, to this male-predominant society. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her personal blog.


Demi Huang has academic background in Psychology so she tends to be really people oriented. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the General Manager of Synopsys Taiwan and has a passion for organizing a volunteer community which is in charge of the company’s CSR programs and other volunteering activities. By organizing the annual Global Volunteer Day and granted various foundations, she was obligated to help those in need. Synopsys Taiwan has been doing low-key but amazing job in STEM education by providing funds to the nonprofits.

Never under estimate yourself and always pursue for different tasks for future enhancements.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Andrea Chow, a computer science teacher in high school, is an enthusiastic educator of computer courses for teenagers. She got her master degree in computer engineering in the US and wanted to be a teacher in high school. So she took extra credits of education in computer science and English teaching. She developed lots creative projects for students to inspire them learning in an innovative way. These years, she developed new courses for students learning to code. In last year, the team of Andrea and volunteers work together for a course of Grade 10 students in Zhong Lun High School. They lead those young students to code in a new way, Project Based Learning and produced some great works. It will be an inspiration for her and students to improve more in coding. In this trend, girls won’t be afraid of programming, cause there are always some females pioneers to be a model of them.

Don’t be afraid to learn something new!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online portfolio.




Renee Yeh is the co-founder and CMO of Alfred, a mobile app turning smartphones into home security cameras. Offering an instant solution, repurposing spare devices and giving users a stronger sense of security, Alfred is safeguarding over 3 million families around the world (and counting). She is changing the way technology serves the world through her superpower of communication and storytelling. Prior to Alfred, she founded Renee YEH & Associates, a high-end luxury event organizing service; CATSLE, the first boutique hotel for cats in Asia; Qme, a cloud service for pets and a crowd searching platform for missing pets. She appreciates discussions about startups, entrepreneurship, making technologies accessible, making technologies friendly, turning users into evangelists, just to name a few.

Time is your most precious gift because you only have a set amount of it. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and about Alfred Camera, her 4th successful startup.


Candy Hsu, a former auditor of PwC, is now proudly the co-founder of IKALA group, an almost 6-year strong startup emphasizing its focus on unleashing video streaming and marketing technology. She has always been guided and inspired by curiosity, which has led her to a non-traditional career path, from an accounting firm to a hi-tech startup. Her expertise and specialty in finance and accounting not only helped this emerging startup win several rounds of successful funding but also assisted her in running a successful team. She is more than happy share her story with entrepreneurs-to-bes of choosing the road less traveled, dealing with investors, being bold for taking any possible chance, and her learnings along the way.

Don’t be afraid of making decisions. Don’t be afraid of making changes.
There are a lot more opportunities than you could imagine, and the only thing you have to do is step out of your comfort zone.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and iKala TV.


Elisa Chiu operates at the intersection of tech innovation, cultural immersion and cross-border collaboration. She works with top entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Warner Bros., UBS, Deutsche Telekom and such for growth, market entry and investment in Asia. She is the curator behind Anchor Taiwan‘s signature soft-landing program. This award-winning experience is deeply committed to empowering local talent and communities. Elisa sailed from Wall Street with a decade of experience at top-tier investment banks and hedge funds. A reformed capitalist, she dedicates her resources and expertise in finance to purpose-driven endeavors.

Instead of trying to be a man, remember that your feminine strength brings you unique perspectives, compassion and leadership style that are available only to women. Listen to that and empower others.

She was once afraid (without realizing it) and took too long to build her Minimum Viable Product (too perfectionist, as how most women/girls are). She now encourages everyone with a passion never wait a moment to start building her/his own business and is more than willing to share her experience in entrepreneurship, career development and professional networking. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and Anchor Taiwan.


Szu-Ying Chen is the founder and the lead service designer of the Factory NextGen., and a social enterprise that helps small struggling manufacturing enterprises innovate by providing technology support. She became a service designer within more than 6 years of experience in visual communication and UX/UI design with an international workplace that nurtured her to grow. She won Taiwan Government Sponsorship in 2015 to study Service Design at Royal College of Art in London.

Follow your heart. Be brave to try everything. Use woman strength and advantage to empower people to create impacts together.

She believes that the power in digital solutions can create an engaging and innovative user experience, support and transform businesses. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her online portfolio.


Chloe Lee is CEO of Trinalog, a company providing innovative IoT devices to support musicians. She co-founded her company at the age of 20. With limited resource and non-tech background, her team build up their hardware from 0 to 1 and targets international market. She leads the branding, multilateral partnership in APAC region. Chloe holds a BA degree in Quantitative Finance from National Tsing Hua University. Prior to Trinalog, Chloe has VC and marketing experiences, she’s also committed to improving Taiwan’s startup ecosystem and promoting entrepreneurship amongst her fellow peers. She initiated the biggest scale Start-up Platform, Quarter to TEN in NTHU, and often shares her experiences in events. Chloe is proud to selected as Youth Leaders representing Taiwan by Eisenhower Fellowships.

Don’t underestimate your potential anywhere and anytime, especially as a WOMAN!

In terms of leading a company, she advises to keep the company structure simple and do it in a Bootstrapping way, focussing on the main issue, and carefully budgeting. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or Trinalog.


Lydia Chen is the founder of Yourator, Taiwan’s leading recruitment platform for startups. Before founding Yourator, she worked for leading internet companies based in Tokyo as a business strategist, her former employers includes LINE and GREE. She has a B.A degree from the Waseda University of Japan, and a master’s degree in marketing communication from Northwestern University. Her multicultural experiences and multilingual skills have enabled her to excel her works at major Japanese internet companies, helping her companies to identify global business opportunities as well as facilitating communication between the colleague of different nationalities and cultures.

Be authentic, pay attention to details and really care for people you work with. Choose to work with people who you can really care about. You will perform much better if you are surrounded by people you really like.

For her, the decision to choose her first job wasn’t well-thought-out. If we can go back in time, Lydia believes that she will spend more time researching different career opportunities and make the decision more carefully. This is also why when Lydia founded her company ‘Yourator’, she put much emphasis on helping young talents to discover their passions and explore different career choices. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and Yourator.


Carol Han currently found Cades co. as a service provider for technology on creative culture and she has already built applications on intelligent cities, interactive exhibition, digital learning and regional renovation, etc. She knows the importance of cross-disciplinary integration and creates personal career path through work or education in diverse fields. She used to act as an interactive designer/artist, biophysics scientist, creative cultural researcher and now she is willing to lead people to explore the possibilities of innovation.

Keep going. Neglect all the drawbacks. Create opportunities for yourself whenever there is no way out.

Previously she spent too much time on worrying about the uncertainties and prepared too much before run to it. Now she is trying her best to avoid all these mistakes once face them again. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.



Software Engineers & Data Scientists


Pi-Chuan Chan is a software engineer and a researcher, passionate about making the world a better place. Her research background in NLP and AI. She started her research when she was a masters student in NTU, where she did research in Speech Recognition. Then she came to the US to do a CS Ph.D. at Stanford, specializing in NLP. Great coworkers, great product vision on how to help people and solving challenging technical problems are things that excited her at work. LinkedIn, Google and K-8 school are the places that have these and she has joined before. Recently, she returned to Google and switched to a new domain – applying deep learning on Genomics.

To mentor is as important (if not more) than being mentored. Both are very important. I think many junior people got advice to find mentors and to form their “personal board of directors”. It is very good advice, but on the other hand, I think I learned even more about how to be a good mentee after I started being a mentor.

As a specialist, She has worked on applying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to real-world problems. As an engineer, she’s also a generalist and has branched out to work in different areas such as frontend development. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or Research at Google.


Meng-Chin Wang (Monmon) works as the only female tech lead in DotDev, an Australian digital agency. A rare case (unfortunately) in the tech industry and in a Western foreign country! She picked up her profound knowledge as well as solid programming skills along the way from an internship position in a global enterprise, IBM, to years professional experience in KKBOX Inc.. Her practice of integration over 30 payment gateways made her experienced with scalable e-commerce and custom payment solutions. She also enjoys delivering complex system requirements into elaborate backend systems. Having become a junior manager in Australia, unlike before as a somewhat aggressive performer, she has now learned to keep personal and professional relationships in balance. After all, we as human beings all need encouragements and respects!

Be honest and clear to yourself.
There’re many ways to define success. Remember other people’s success are not the only models you need to follow exactly! Always follow your heart.

Her achievements didn’t come effortlessly and she is eager to inspire anyone who is uncertain about her/his future career or feels unsupportive economically by the family. Learn more about her on LinkedIn, her personal music channel and social media on Spotify, Youtube, and Facebook.


Katy Lee fell in love with machine learning and how software can change people lives during her study at National Tsing Hua University. She’s always an adventurer, she promised herself to go exchange on the first day she entered college when she saw experience sharing from previous exchange student. She studied very hard to get the scholarship and went to New Mexico to study for one year. In that year, she became addicted to the culture diversity and freedom in America. Craving to keep challenging herself in a foreign environment, she applied for Silicon Valley Internship Program and currently works in Coffee Meets Bagel as a software engineer.

You should work hard and always think about how you can do better and take on more responsibility.

Also, life is not only about work, it’s also about your relationships with your family and romantic partner, friendship, and self-interest. Life is everything and if you don’t balance well you won’t be happy.

Participating more in open source project and taking in more leadership rules are her two pieces of advice to undergraduate students. Learn more about her on LinkedInGitHub or her technical interview experience sharing.


Alicia Tsai is going to be a graduate student at UC Berkeley. She is currently the Lead Data Scientist at Dorm Room Fund and majoring Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to her graduate study, she was an Associate at Cherubic Ventures, where she worked closely with entrepreneurs in Asia and US. Passionate about data science, she initiated Women in Data Science Taipei and worked as a research assistant in the  Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University. To promote open education and diversity in tech communities, Alicia frequently hosts tutorials and enjoys empowering others who also share a passion for technology.

Do not limit yourself. Take credit for your accomplishments and assert yourself with confidence.

In her experience, Alicia encourages everyone to take initiative and do not let the classroom limits ourselves. She thinks she should have spent more time exploring her interest and expanding her knowledge and network during her undergraduate. Also, she thinks her self-doubt and imposter syndrome sometimes make it hard to maintain confidence and give her unnecessary pressure. She believes that having confidence in ourselves is crucial to be successful and happy in our career. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or GitHub.


Grace Susan Chen is a self-taught full stack developer. At her first job, she customized internal IT platforms with enterprise software development tools. She was not satisfied with merely building utility tools so then decided to change to Foxconn for access to create a product from the scrath, where she learned full stack web development and agile practices. In 2016, on a GIT Taiwan event in Kaosiung, she learned about SVIP (Silicon Valley Internship Program) and then got an internship offer in San Francisco, to work with a focus on improving test coverage and stability, standing out of other 500 competitive applicants. Then she joined Facebook to challenge herself to learn more about site reliability and operating at scale. She is a contributor to an open-sourced Habitica project, a gamified todo list that helps to complete Minimum Enjoyable Actions every day.

I want to do that, and I’ll learn by doing it.
( I totally copied this from Lean In. But so what? It’s so true 🙂 )

In her early school years, she paid lots of unnecessary energy in worrying about not being able to meet expectations of families and friends. As grown (slightly) mature, she now encourages the young to openly discuss their worries with people they trust, who will be able to help to look pass the blindspots, and find a more positive way of moving forward! Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her blog.


Justine Kao grew up in Taiwan and moved to California for college, where she studied a combination of computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and creative writing at Stanford University. She then pursued a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at Stanford, studying how people process and derive meaning from language using computational models and behavioral experiments. After receiving her Ph.D., Justine joined Apple in 2016 as a Machine Learning Data Scientist for Siri’s Natural Language team. Outside of work, Justine enjoys reading and writing and thinking about how people learn and communicate.

Be bolder and to speak up more; pursue opportunities actively and try not to underestimate your abilities.

Seek out mentors who care about your career development and make connections with people in your field that you admire on both professional and personal levels.

Growing up, Justine was more of an introvert. She wishes she had learned earlier in life to be more confident in her opinions and to voice them more often. In college and grad school, Justine would sometimes hesitate to speak up in classes because she wasn’t sure if what she had to say was important. After several years of being a teaching assistant and now working in technology, she has become much more comfortable speaking up and finds that it has benefited her greatly. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her Ph.D. publishings in Cognitive Psychology.


Olivia Wang is an engineer who focussed on Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing area. She joined Big data Application Company during postgraduate. As an early employee, she was mainly responsible for the design of the key model for Social Media Monitoring System. Including data analysis and programming. In recently, she devoted to developing products which related to Natural Language Processing Techniques. Developed Intelligent Voice Dialogue System for Robots, Intelligent Agents. Researched and the state-of-the-art theory and technology in Dialogue System and Speech Recognition area and supported product development. In free time, Olivia was active in data science or AI group. Sometimes, She was as a speaker or a teaching assistant to communicate and learn. Moreover, She was a winner of a rent data prediction competition. On the other hand, she also plunged into drawing creation. She believes in that interdisciplinary learning or cooperates can make a surprise progresses for society and personal career.

Be courageous to climb over a high wall. You can become who you want to be when you are willing to do it.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn, her project(1) and project(2).


Sharon Fu is a master student of information systems management at Carnegie Mellon University. She loves all the innovative technology and aspires to share the creative technology with her hometown, Hualien, where is the east of Taiwan. In her undergraduate study, she dedicated her ability to taking part in varieties of activities to help the students in Hualien. Sharon is also an active advocator for bringing the tech everywhere. She will utilize the tech to increase her efficiency of work and life. Her belief is not to become a successful person but is to become an inspiring and impactful person.

Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is not the outcome-failure is not trying. If you believe what you can do in technology, please educate yourself by abundant online resources and try to connect with the technical community. One day, you will see how significant improvement you have made.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn or GitHub.


Pin Hui Chien is now Executive Engineer and the Head of QA team for Wistron ITS in Taiwan and started her career as a System Analyst at Board of Public Utility in New Jersey, USA. After got Master degree in Computer Science in 2005, she got experience in customer support followed by software engineer in the USA for a year. Then, she went back to Taiwan and became only girl work as Research and Developer in memory team for Transcend. Because of her curiosity, she became QA, FAE, TPM, Technical Architecture, and Java developer afterward. She is an organizer, a helper, and having bilingual skill. From two minor misstep in her early career, she learned that her life should not be affected by others especially family even their original intention is good.

We are the one able to create and should take the responsibility for our own life. Don’t let others decide what we could or could not reach.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online portfolio.


Szuyun-Liang is a senior iOS Engineer at Brilliant Mark Holdings LTD. She has extensive experience in iOS and is really passionate about coding. She thinks that being a coder expands her horizon of network and developed her problem solving capabilities by making great coder friends. She’s an introverted person but has led study group at Women Who Code Taipei and would love to get everyone to learn to code so they can develop computational thinking. 

Recognizing women have better communication skills and flexibility when dealing with difficult situations, be confident to make better products utilizing the humanity perspective.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn or Github.


Wan-Ching (Tammy) Yang is a data scientist, a deep learning research, and a physicist. After her Ph.D., she worked for Canonical as the tech lead of Mainstream team and the data scientist to develop algorithms for better visual recognition at Viscovery. In 2016, she joined DT42 as the co-founder and deep learning researcher to bring better visual understanding to devices.

Always work hard and fight for what you believe you deserve.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn or DT42.




UX/UI Designers


YuRong Cheng is a product manager of WeWork Technology team in Singapore, pioneering map service products for WeWork. Having 5-years experiences in user-centered design area as UX / product designer, she once gained respectively 95% and 100% of satisfaction from the clients as a Design Lead in charge of EVA Air’s new homepage & trip management website and China Airlines’ mobile app. She loves to include and engage team members’ different values with design thinking to create the product. Being physically challenged in hearing, she’s blessed to be able to devote her professionals to advocate an inclusive society and a barrier-free-communication environment. She’s passionate to leverage technology to bridge the gap of the information accessibility, not only for hearing impairment but for all, to progress the equality in communication.

Deeply understand and treasure yourself. Be patient and kind to yourself. Steadily trust that your flexibility and your potential will lead you to see the light even when you felt in the dark. 

She warmly offers help for anyone who seeks for pieces of advice on User research, Information architecture, Product design, Product strategy, Inclusive design, Lead Workshop, How to survive in Singapore. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her online portfolio.


Yvon Huang is an experienced product designer, who builds first-class digital products through specializing in UX design. She has worked with teams from top-tier companies to venture-backed startups, like Yahoo, KDDI, KKBOX, Codementor. With the passion for entrepreneurship, she is also a MIT global entrepreneurship bootcamp alumni who has won the 1st place in venture pitch competition among 9 teams. Currently, she works at Codementor as a lead designer dedicated to helping people solve coding problem more effortlessly.

Don’t settle with your current state, set your goal where world-class is, then seize your confidence and passion, just go for it! Leave a trail out of your comfort zone! The best way to grow is to try and learn from the failure. 

One piece of advice she wishes she had followed earlier on in her career that she now shares with all of her friends is to “delegate early on”. Taking all the responsibility for something to make it better will make your health and quality of life suffered as a result. Delegate many professional and personal tasks, and it gives you the freedom to use your time and energy where you really want to. Learn more about her on LinkedIn and her online portfolio.


Tien-Ling (Heather) Yeh is working at New Era AI Robotic Inc. as a UX designer & researcher, mainly focusing on human and robot interactions, such as voice, facial express and behaviors. She received a Master degree in communication design, was a Ph.D. candidate in Ergonomics and also developed and published multiple lines of research investigating parent-child interaction. She’s also a core member of Ladies that UX (LTUX) Taipei and she is going to launch a blog which is called “She Says” which is about study abroad, working experience, design materials and etc.

No matter how hard the battle gets or no matter how many people don’t believe in you, never give up!  When you truly believe in what you are doing. It shows and it pays.

“We learn from failure, not from success”- Bram Stoker. For Heather, design thinking is about problem-solving, emphasizing her audience, defining problems, creating ideas, trying out multiple solutions, testing and implementing ideas. Delving into what you learned from the experience and avoiding similar problems are the philosophy she lives by. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Penny Shen has extensive experience at UI/UX, branding, graphic design, application in social media, product planning, project management, data analysis. Currently works at Mitac Digital company (Mio) as senior UI/UX designer and she is responsible for user interface design and user experience design with multiple devices. She is also a core member in LTUX Taipei to organize the TalkUX conference in Taipei which had invited many UX experts from all over the world. She started as a web-designer at Youthwant, then she worked at Taiwan Rakuten company as a leader of UI/UX team and visual creation team to optimize E-commerce website and improve the visual design quality.

Chase your dream and do the job you love, no matter in which ages or steps never be late. Although you like me who didn’t graduate from relevant major, just keep learning you could make the difference of you.

There doesn’t have missteps in her career because she learned different things from each step which made her what she is now. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Ruby Hsu loves solving problems and creates products that enhance people’s lives, believing that good design starting from understanding what user really need. Currently, she works at Mozilla as a senior UX researcher, leading research for Emerging Market like Indonesia. She has extensive experience working with clients from different industries like Cathay Pacific Airways, Yahoo! Taiwan, Asia Miles, KKBOX, E-Sun Bank and etc, holding a bachelor degree in Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University and a master degree in Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Believe in yourself and always ask yourself what do you want to achieve in life and then go for it. There’s no one can tell you what you can do or cannot do, it’s not about gender nor age. Having tried something really hard is already the best reward itself.

If time machine does exist, she would definitely stay in The Netherlands for a couple of years after graduating from university, to establish more professional experience with global brands and companies in Europe. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online portfolio.


Ani Hsieh is a UX designer with cancer. After graduated from National Taipei University of Technology, she had worked at AJA Creative Design as a UI designer for a while. In 2016, she and her friends since undergraduate started a business -ADDWEUP which provides the service in the international airport to collect their leftover money which they could not spend all of it. After diagnosed with cancer in 2017, she started to think about how to help those people who also have cancer as a designer. Not only created a fan-page named “癌友也嘻哈” she also delivered speeches about the user experience from the perspective of people with cancer on Ladies Talk UX 2017 and other conferences. Recently, she joins accelerator which mainly focuses on the healthcare industry, hoping that can help more people with cancer in the future.

Find your own special charm and keep improving yourself!

One of the biggest mistakes she had made is overvaluing the importance of design. How to solve customers’ problem and what do customers really need are the most important things for an entrepreneur. Learn more about her on LinkedIn or her online portfolio.