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Yessss, raise your glasses and join us in toasting to 2019 40 Under 40 Girls in Tech!

#BalanceforBetter #IWD2019 #GITTaiwan #GITTaiwan40under40

On International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the impacts and changes these amazing ladies have contributed to. Girls in Tech Taiwan is committed to build a community for female professionals in the tech industry to excel and shine! As you will find, every role—research, development, analysis, design, marketing, customer support, and finance, just to name a few —is key to advancing technologies and the humanity. As the International Women’s Day 2019 heralds #BalanceforBetter, the significance of balance in the ecosystem can’t be understated. So is balance for our growth and the community.

As women are very capable of inspiring and leading others, Girls in Tech Taiwans mission is to build a community that encourages female professionals in the tech industry to outgrow themselves and nurture each other to excel their expertise in professional fields. We would like to encourage more women who are interested but unsure of how to enter or transition into the tech industry by presenting 40 role models who are making impacts every day.

Hands up for a round of applause for the contribution and support of these brilliant inspirations to Girls in Tech Taiwan!


Olivia Lin, Ph.D., is the Executive Director and co-founder of Studio 1 Labs, a Canadian technology company that specializes in unique fabric sensing technology.  She came from a cognitive psychology background. Olivia is a self-taught coder and learned much of the product development with guidance from mentors, partners, and collaborators. She currently wears multiple hats with her role of overseeing product development including textile manufacturing, software, firmware, and advanced analytics.  She also co-led over five industry-academic collaborations for scientific validation of new textile technology.

Olivia’s vision is to merge traditional textiles with high-technology innovations and her experience in cognitive studies enables her to advance the usability of Studio 1 Labs’ functional bed sheet for AI applications.

There is always a path to what you want to strive for if you think outside the box. Always try it out, be able to critically evaluate yourself and learn from people around you (including people that you don’t usually interact with, and people from all generations).

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Yipei Lee’s background is Art & Design. She is the founder of suaveart, focuses on Southeast Asia area since 2008 and curates multidisciplinary projects in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, HK and Poland. She cares about the sustainability and cooperates social responsibility, hence after years she decided to be brave moving career forward to Technology and Innovation industry. She meets the implementation of her passion and solving problems with art and technology. Since 2014, she is the Taiwan Ambassador of Seedstars World Switzerland to organize the competition and help Taiwan startups go global to establish growth strategies and develop new emerging markets. In 2016, she won the finalist of tic100 CSR program. Currently, she devotes herself to an innovation firm shaping the professional entrepreneurship with TechCrunch, and building up the vibrant influential communities in Asia.

Be thoughtful, be accurate and be confident!! Follow your heart and accept yourself no matter what you done.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Inspired by the fast-paced technology world, Ming-Chin Wu in the past seven years has been with HP Inc, a technology company that provides personal computing, imaging and printing products, solutions, and services. As a Senior Marketing Manager, she currently holds the position OMEN by HP gaming PC marketing in the US. In the past 3 years, she’s helped the PC gaming brand win various prestigious awards, taking BEST BRAND AWARENESS CAMPAIGN at the 2017 PRO awards, and most recently Gold Ex award at 2018 Ex awards best esports activation.

Ming-Chin Wu has held positions in technology, retail, advertising, media, in both Asia and in the US. She is driven by transforming insights and data into campaigns & experiences that builds long-term customer loyalty.

She is a champion of diversity and inclusion, seeks to lead by example and leave a lasting positive influence.

Commit to discovering your purpose in your career, as it will inform your purpose in life. Be the change you want to see.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Suipi Chen is a data scientist at GIS.FCU and Co-founder at AI Tech. She has worked on machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems. Prior to GIS.FCU, she worked at Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) for four years developing the module to measure mental stress by physiological signals. From 2018, she participates in the communities. She is the volunteer of girls in tech Taiwan as the lecturer of Google MLCC Study Jam and the Co-founder at AI Tech. AI Tech (@Taichung) was founded as a way for anyone interested in artificial intelligence to make connections and learn more about AI. Recently, she switched from statistic to a new domain – applying deep learning on images.

Perhaps at some moments, we have to compromise on the balance of work and family. Don’t be afraid of going slowly. The important thing is to understand yourself and find out things you truly cares and is passionate about.

The experience ofthe family and life will becomethe nutrients for your futurework.

Learn more about her on linkedin ,website and blog.

Janet Kuo is a Senior Software Engineer for Google Cloud. She’s the primary project maintainer and top 1% contributor of Kubernetes, one of the top 10 open source projects on GitHub. She is also the co-chair of KubeCon, the Kubernetes conference with more than 8,500 attendees. She enjoys speaking at conferences, meetups, and podcasts about technology, open source, and Kubernetes and has delivered talks and keynotes on 3 continents. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and taking photos.

Janet Kuo 是 Google Cloud 的資深工程師。她是 Kubernetes (GitHub 上的前十大開源專案之一) 的維護者。她同時擔任 KubeCon 主席 (KubeCon為Kubernetes 研討會,最近一次活動擁有超過8500人參加)。她喜歡在各大研討會上演講,分享關於科技、開源、以及 Kubernetes 的資訊,並已經累積在全球三大洲演講的經驗。閒暇時間,她喜歡到處旅行和拍照。

Never underestimate your abilities. Always be prepared to take more responsibility and challenges. Bring yourself forward. Help others grow when you can.


Learn more about her on LinkedIn and github.

Jasmine Lin is a Seattle-based UX Designer and Information Architect. She has contributed to projects with clients from different industries including Microsoft, Skype, Autodesk, Vans, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more.

She went to Information School in University of Washington after graduated from National Taiwan University. Coming from an information science background, she embraces complexity and excels at solving difficult problems with comprehensive thinking.

As a detail-oriented systems designer, she is proficient at creating seamless user experiences for any digital product; ranging from platform to consumer touch points, evolving legacy products or embracing emerging technologies.

She volunteered in multiple organizations as UX specialist including Stanford Crowd Research Collective, a team building a self-governed crowdsourcing marketplace. They published an UIST conference paper together.

To share her experience and give back to the community, she started writing about design, psychology and tech on Medium since 2018 with 1.8k followers to date.

Your opinions and ideas matters. Speak up for yourself. Find your voice through any channel that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and true to yourself. It’s OK to feel vulnerable. Learn from it and become stronger.

Learn more about her on Medium, LinkedIn, and her online portfolio.

Jessie Shiu is Senior Manager of Eastspring Investments (Prudential Plc). She is responsible for firm-wide strategic planning and leading key initiatives, including pioneering Robo-Advisory Fintech project along with e-trading platform revamp, making Taiwan office the first BU launching Robo service to customers within Prudential Group. She has also been representing the Group in various external client and internal senior management events to showcase Prudential’s digital investment capability. Before joining Eastspring, she worked at EY in Transaction Advisory Services and Audit in Taiwan and New York. Jessie received her MBA and MS from Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. Jessie is a CFA Charterholder and a US CPA.

Jessie is soon to take on an Assistant Director role in regional office. With strong knowledge in the financial industry, hands-on experience in digital projects, and passion for making changes through technology, Jessie is ready to innovate and make an impact.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible!”

Learn more about her on LinedIn.

Meng Chih Chiang is an award-winning UI/UX designer, public speaker, and educator based in New York. As a Creative Director of Mengdom Experimental Design Lab, her clients include many well-known brands, such as League of Legends, M·A·C Cosmetics, American Express, and Nike. With over 10 years of experience in design strategy, art direction, and user experience, Meng is skilled in problem-solving for various interfaces, including App, website or any imaginable surface. Also, she self-taught web programming, and kept exploring emerging programming of data visualization which made her specialize in story telling via data and infographics. Meng is currently a faculty member in the MFA Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and teaches a class “Interface Design: From Ideation to Realization.”

Do not be limited by your gender, background, others opinions, or traditional convention. Just do it no matter how small you think you are, and no matter what other people think of you. Be the best self and have courage to stand out.

Learn more about her on her Website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Jennifer Chen is the co-founder and CEO of dipp, an A.I. powered SaaS platform that automatically designs digital marketing content. Born in Taiwan, educated abroad and sharpened in New York, Jennifer is an award-winning product designer whose work sits at the intersection of advertising media and business development. Her advertising and design know-how comes from producing work for giants like Citibank, Hilton, Penguin Random House Publishing, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and more.

Jennifer’s business expertise comes from managing a multi-million dollar lighting distribution company, where she learned the ins and outs of manufacturing costs, packaging, and distribution of thousands of products. In March 2018, Jennifer returned to Taiwan after 16 years of being abroad, with the ambition to invest in Taiwan by combining her skillsets and building an innovative advertising technology.

Learn about things you do not know. Even though they may seem irrelevant to your immediate needs, it will provide context to what you are building.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and profolio.

YuChing Lu is now working in subscription media YoWu Report as marketing director. During YoWu Report, YuChing has helped launched two subscription-based newsletters: Daodu Tech(科技島讀)and Blocktrend (區塊勢). Both brands are focusing on strategic thinking in tech industry and blockchain. YuChing is responsible for the marketing and sales for both brands. YuChing is also a podcast cohosts on Daodu Podcast which is the most popular podcast in Taiwan. The show discusses tech news for non tech background listeners.

Gender is just a label. Find one thing that you are welling to contribute even the stereotype of the label could be an obstacle ahead. Starting with that and work hard, you will find others are actually happy to help you achieve your goal.

Learn more about YuChing on her LinkedIn or just listen to Daodu Podcast.

Sherry Lin has 7+ years experience in software product management, good at integrating specific know-how into product functions with UX design thinking. Currently she works at Verizon Media, to develop Media products for APAC region. She also co-founded a startup with two talented engineers in 2016, aiming to make information reusable and building a knowledge sharing culture. As a woman in tech without a technical background, it is full of challenges for her. In order to nail the role, she keeps learning different fields, covering Tech, UX, Business, and develops communication skills. She believes that every team member’s idea matters, which is one of the key factor to create a good product. Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

It’s never too late to learn anything. Anytime is the right time. Your passion will lead you to your success!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Katherine Su is now Head of Marketing at Visa Taiwan. Having focused on consumer marketing for her entire career, she has only started the journey with fintech since last year. She is in love with the force bringing everyone forward, looking ahead and sharing a vision. In addition, she is a poker player, a yogi, a Zumba dancer, a traveler, and a saxophone lover. In the past 10 years, she has worked at five companies and in five different cities.

Always speak up, envision who you want to be ten years down the road and no matter what, love yourself first before you could love any other.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Yu-Chieh Tsai graduated from Electronic Control Engineering at NCTU. She worked on Insyde, the top IBV on Notebook, and was responsible for PM. In Insyde tenure, the 2nd level supervisor is GM, giving her a higher vision than the peer. Besides, she cooperated with CTO and engineers, giving her software knowledge from programming to architecture.

Now, Yu-Chieh Tsai works at WhaleTeq, a provider of medical test equipment, and is responsible for Product Manager. She joined WhaleTeq, a young company, giving her a similar startup environment. She extends her view from firmware to hardware, software, UX, and mechanical. Besides, she works together not only the Engineer Department but also FAE, Marketing, and Sales Departments.

For engineering women: Discuss more details with men, you will learn more. If the leader gives you easy jobs, sometimes you could challenge yourself, and leave the comfort zone.

For product manager women: Your job is making things happened. Learning while practicing. You shouldn’t learn too much technical detail, but don’t stop and limit yourself for learning.  

Learn more about her on LinkedIn

王亭嵐 Tilaine Wang 是第一位取得美國媒人執照的台灣人。她帶領Aimm團隊,以媒人學院(Matchmaking Institute)的知識體系揉合心理學和社會學,發展出「Aimm姻緣工程」科技系統,專為全世界單身華人尋找伴侶。

Aimm姻緣工程運用行動裝置作為終端,輔助世界各地的Aimm姻緣規劃師,讓規劃師在確保資料安全的情況下,能隨時連上全球資料庫為世界各地客戶服務,達成業界罕見的78%配對成功率。2019年1月,Aimm在全世界華人地區擁有超過70位姻緣規劃師,會員共來自110個國家。2019年 Aimm 會員配對成功率達到78%,其中有42.8%會員在加入30天內就找到符合條件的另一半。



Learn more about her on LinkedIn

With more than a decade of working experience gained from media, advertising, product development and creative tech agencies both in Taipei and London, Richil Cheng went to the UK by herself in 2011 pursuing her aspiration of working and learning from the best from London’s Creative Industry.

Richil is currently working as a Senior Platform Strategist at Creative Tech agency Rehab, where the company partner with top tech and consumer brands like Google, Nike, Estée Lauder and Facebook to make a meaningful impact on people’s everyday lives leveraging latest technologies.  

Don’t assume you already knew who you are and what you can do. Stay curious to the world and focused on the person you want to become. As long as you are willing to learn, it is never too late to start. Even when you thought you might not be capable, you never know if you don’t try. You might one day surprise yourself.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn

After studying design and working in different cities globally, Sandra Lin found herself very interested in the re-design of public services and ended up working for a non-profit which serves the education field and became the first employee doing service design (strategic design) function at Teach for Taiwan.

Sandra has worked on a wide range of projects: investigating how technology can help a city better utilize space, digitalizing medical experiment processes, setting up a meaningful job application flow, etc. She has participated in delivering projects in multiple industries (Healthcare, Medical, Finance, Electric Consumer goods, Food, Education, etc) which impacted each companies’ future vision, current offerings, or internal team structures.

When she is not doing service design, she enjoys hosting events to create connections, practice jazz dance, and work as a part-time bartender.

To be more confident in what we do. But it’s not by showing how our work is significant, but to understand what we enjoy doing and deliver work that we are proud of.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn

Yen Ling (Molly) is the CEO and founder of Velodash, a cycling social platform that connects cyclists around the world. She is a cyclist herself and noticed the difficulties of finding communities and rides to join. Combining experience from working in IC design industry, software and experience as a female cyclist, Molly founded Velodash at 2017.

The technology industry is a special field for women. As a tech startup founder, Molly has to deal with a lot of people, situations, and dynamics. She has worked with great female developers, designers and marketers, learned a lot from them and found that there are still things that need to be changed both to society and ourselves.

Believe in yourself. This might sound a bit cliche but I found females more likely to question themselves (as well as being questioned by others). This phenomenon is especially obvious in the technology industry and when a woman is dealing with leadership. Build confidence and be comfortable of “faking until you make it”.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn

With 7 years of expertise in data science and tech consulting, Chia-Chun (Ginger) has devoted herself to connecting the dots between business strategy and advanced modern analytics. She currently works as a data scientist in MixerBox, a y-combinator start-up, and leads product analytics endeavors across multiple mobile applications. Prior to joining MixerBox, Ginger served as an Engagement Manager in Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), a MasterCard subsidiary firm, where she led a group of business consultants to provide actionable insights from data analysis for multinational corporations across Taiwan, Australia, Mainland China, and the U.S.

As the only data scientist in MixerBox, Ginger established the product analytics platform for advanced product insights. With an extraordinary entrepreneur mindset, Ginger was also one of the first employees in APT Taipei and helped expanded the office to 5X the size and projects to multiple new geographies and industries.

One of Ginger’s favorite quotes is from Alice Walker: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” As women, we might be creative, observant, supportive, intellectual or detail-oriented, and these can all be very powerful characteristics that must not be undermined. Believing in our own power and the value of diversity that women can bring is the only way we can reach our full potential and live a fruitful life.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn

Abby Chuo 畢業於國立交通大學資工系及國立交通大學網路工程研究所,目前任職於趨勢科技,擔任資深工程師。從高中開始接觸程式開發後,一直到現在都對此領域很有熱忱,除了定期參與研討會和社群活動外,平時也會透過書籍和影片等方式自學,以此不斷精進自己,並且也樂於分享技術和經驗,曾在 PyLadies Taiwan 的活動中擔任講師和助教。

目前與兩位夥伴共同主辦 PyLadies Taiwan,透過每個月定期舉辦不同主題的活動,包含初學者教學、讀書會、業界經驗分享等,以期能激勵和輔助更多的女性加入科技產業,打破科技產業男女懸殊的窘境,並為此帶來新的面貌。


Learn more about her on LinkedIn and github.

Wendy Wu currently leads the business development team for VMware solutions at QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) global headquarter, responsible for partner alliances, integrated solution development. She also manages the engagements with worldwide partners across solutions, accelerating the landing of QCT’s solution business. Selected as a member of the management associate program in Quanta Computer Inc., Wendy actively drives the transformation of Quanta from traditional ODM to own branded company via a new business model. Wendy possesses strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, she is a self-starter, a team player who enjoys dealing with challenges. Wendy has an MBA degree from National Chengchi University and graduated from AI program for executives by Taiwan AI Academy.

Don’t sacrifice your dream and what you want to make an impact on from the reality and the environment. The perseverance and resilience that women possess will help you win respect from others. Please do trust yourselves that you could bring different perspectives and make an impact on driving changes. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate your capability and leadership in the organization, the world awaits you to explore, you are equally gifted as men.  

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Nelly Hsieh has a bachelor and master degree in computer science. She worked as a research assistant, data analyst, and project manager at Academia Sinica, engaging variety of projects, particularly “AirBox” which is a participatory ecosystem for PM2.5 monitoring with more than 5,000 deployments across 37 countries, collaborating with community, industry, and government and thereby has a positive impact on the environment. She participated as the project manager to lead and design an open source on building R package for AirBox.

During this period, she often participated in the communities like R ladies, PyLadies, Girls inTech and Women Who Code to learn new knowledge as well as to share. Got inspired by the community and also want to achieve more. Thus, she is studying MBA in the Netherlands and passionate about digital transformation to integrate business and technology to make a positive impact on the world.

Be bold, be brave and be brilliant. Take the initiative to look for the resources you need and speak for yourself.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Bess Lee currently works at g0v jothon group (a task force for hosting g0v bi-monthly Hackathon and g0v Civic Tech Prototype Grant) as a General Coordinator, the main mission for her daily life includes producing influences of the civic tech projects.

To be more specific, she becomes a generative force that will trigger positive butterfly effects. In order to help community, and make a difference in society, she uses her strength on communication and good strategy in decision making base on her 7-year working experience in Non-profit organization.

Bess believes that society will become better when every citizen participates it.

Be the true supporter and make the tech field better.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

羅敏慈 (Chloe) 是位打滾多年的產品經理。熱愛競爭激烈快速變化的電商環境;喜歡與優秀夥伴合作,共同以科技翻轉傳統零售世界。她曾經挑戰用最短的時間,整頓營運部門,激勵團隊士氣,賦予夥伴更多機會與成長回顧職涯初期,漂亮的經驗曾經讓她非常驕傲、不可一世。





Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Irene Yang is a pioneer in SaaS software industry. She was the very first IT professional in Asia who is familiar with cutting edge SaaS Platform, including, Marketo and so on. She led SFDC/Marketo tech team in TrendMicro to move sales, marketing and support teams to SaaS platform. Also, she is a great innovator with entrepreneurship. She successfully created SaaS products for sales and marketing and sold to customers around the world. In this cutting edge SaaS industry, it requires strong business knowledge, strong hands-on technical capability, strong communications skills, strong digital business entrepreneurship she is the perfect role model for these.

In the digital business era, there are tremendous charming technologies which female can leverage to enable business. Women actually with gifts of communications and sense of high-quality design, together with bracing new technologies, women will create incredible possibilities and opportunities.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Shih-Wen Wang currently works at iKala ““ as Senior Cloud Service Project Manager and responsible for delivering big data and AI solutions with Google Cloud. Having 15+ years of programming experience, familiar with a variety of programming languages (e.g., objective-c, PHP, .Net, Python, node.js, Delphi, Swift).

Shih-Wen majored in psychology, she had more interests in human than machines. After years of working in the engineering field, she found that the most interesting part is still “human”. Engineers serve multiple functions and different skillsets. Just like human beings. Everyone is unique. Psychology training has taught me the value of diversity and helped me to respect differences and make effective communication accordingly.

Life is so precious. Don’t waste time doing something you don’t enjoy. You will only be successful if you are passionate about what you do. If there is something you want to do, stop waiting to take action. Don’t be afraid of making decisions. Even though you may fail, you will learn something that will make you stronger.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and github.

Graduated in MCU Department of Commercial Design, Tammy Chen has over 13 years working in ICT industry. She has solid experience and extensive knowledge of UI/UX and product design. Starting two years work as a visual designer at Taiwan’s top online social game forum, Bahamut, then she shifted her focus on web design to video tech company CyberLink for six years, responsible for building and maintaining multilingual websites. Now she is Chief Product Designer which leads the design team at iKala, an AI-first marketing tech startup just raised USD 10MM funding in January 2019. Started as a senior product designer, she is now taking the design leadership role to build and empower a high-performing team fueling varieties of iKala products.

# Beat the fear of failure. Don’t be afraid that you might launch a product no one use it. You will learn from your mistakes and you will know better what exactly users want in the end.

# In the tech area, you are encouraged to try different roles other than your current skills and professions. You will always learn a lot by embracing the world from different aspects with open eyes and open minds.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and Facebook page.

Becky Chou is a senior consultant specializes in data analytics and strategy. She provides service for leading financial institutions in Taiwan. Project topics include model building, risk management, and strategy development.

She is also a co-founder and executive director of a non-profit, 180 Degrees Consulting Taiwan (“180DC Taiwan”). As of today, 180DC Taiwan has cultivated 100+ student consultants and attracted 20+ advisers to join with and completed 20+ projects.

Becky is also an active community volunteer that dedicates in helping shape a better environment for tech women.

Peacefully accept who you are for now and bravely pursue who you want to be. You will begin to enjoy this life journey.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.


Peggy Wu is a professional in software and security industry and works in core tech team of TrendMicro as Senior Project Manager, and had been awarded for The 2016 Most Valuable Player in TrendMicro. Peggy has a great passion for leading teams to do researching and developing new technologies and solutions to protect our customers from being attacked. She also loves to share what she knows and learning new things. In Peggy’s spare time, she participates in TrendMicro Volunteer Club to teach children programming.

#Say yes to any attempt. Accept a challenge, try new things and learn from them.

#Get your partner to support you. It is always not easy to be perfect in taking care of family and work at the same time. Remember to have related support from family, friends, and colleague.

#Follow your heart. When you feel tired, just let you take a rest. Tomorrow will be better!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Vanessa Lu is currently working as Microsoft Regional HR Business Partner in driving people agenda senior business leaders; critical enablers include “Strategizing Young Talents Development” “Cultivating Performance Culture” and “Community-driven learning for managers”

She’s a true believer in the power of diversity and inclusion, young talents are always at the center of her focus. An advocate and practitioner of leading cultural transformation from people perspectives. A role model in making positive impact by navigating different career opportunities with clear purposes.

Be the change we want to see. Be bold, brave and confident to take incremental moves EVERYDAY, then you will find you can actually move the mountain!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

徐紹婷(Angie) is a data science expert in business analytics and CRM field with Economics and MBA background. She is currently a senior data analyst at Fareastone Telecom-Corporate Strategy and Development Office. She applied the data-driven approach to define problems and generate actionable solutions with multiple departments including Marketing etc. And got FET Innovation Award in 2018. Angie is also a passionate community giver among data and tech with great contributions. Becoming co-organizer Taipei R-Ladies since 2017, she developed a study group to empower members’ basic R skills. She also gave talks at Women in Data Science Taipei, MLDM-R User Group, Girls in Tech, mentoring teams at Data Science for Social Good (D4SG), being teaching assistant of Girls in Tech Mentorship Program Data Group.

Angie realized the key elements to building up team trust are efficient communication to make the win-win situation and good-enough capability to be trustful. After that, she devoted to her analytics capability and communication skills. And she often shared her experience to others in communities.

Always be honest to yourself. Know your need-to-enhance lessons clearly. And ask for suggestions from mentors while executing your self-development plan. Keep learning and practicing then you will be awesome!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

Alice Li is a junior entrepreneur, majored in product design but used to work in 2 startups in the south of Taiwan, responsible for UI design and marketing. She likes to do something interesting and helpful for those customers or merchants; that was also coherent with her lively personality.

She is also a learning-female who likes to try something new and out of the stereotype, like engineering, negotiation skills. Even though she is not sure if these skills will be used it in the future, she believes that everything experienced will be useful someday!

When you do some tasks that you’re not familiar with, don’t be retreat before try your best! The heart of every woman is her own worst enemy.

Attitude determines everything. However, It doesn’t mean you can’t cry, be disappointed, afraid, of course, you can! And you should! But the most important thing is you need to pretend, and the disguise will come true!

Learn more about her on LinkedIn.

洪信萍 Becky has been in UI Design field for 8 years. Web and APP UI Design are what she does best. In the project, Becky was not only in charge of UI design but would also make it into front end ready files. And because of her knowledge in front end field, she could propose solutions not only in design view but also in the programming side.

In teamwork, Becky is used to and very comfortable with co-working with product/project managers, programmers, and other designers. She’s always happy to work with people to solve problems and make the product better.

In 2018, Becky led her team to win the most potential Google Play APP prize.

If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and website.

Charlene Ko is a developer manager working at TrendMicro to deliver cyberspace security solutions, including anti-virus products, mobile security products, and IoT security products.

Besides her job, Charlene enjoys exploring the technical layout and details behind big data, blockchain, machine learning, data lake, database and some other hot terms. These learning equip her with wide and solid knowledge.

After a 10-year developer life, she seeks to share her experience and help young developers grow. In 2017, she changed her role to developer manager.

As a female developer manager, people’s bias against gender is not uncommon.

As a female developer manager, instead, she can well perform as the bridge of technology and humanity, find out people’s needs, guide with their potential, and manage well when conflicts occur.

Find your passion, and follow it.

Learn more about her on LinkedIn and website.

Yun Han Ko (Nina) commands of both IT and commerce. Recently she designs products for PChome, Taiwan’s leading e-Commerce service, serving as the project manager for emerging markets in Thailand. Reshapes PChome offerings tailored to cultural differences in untapped markets. With the background in computer science engineering, she as a software engineer at the beginning of her career. Later in Australia and Taiwan, she launched her own business in the sharing economy industry, in the meanwhile immerse herself to the eCommerce industry where started her professional business career as a project manager, implement products from 0 to 1, and more drives them into global.

Don’t be afraid to try as much as you can, to explore those things which interesting to you. Learning is an intrinsic and continuous process in life thatshouldn’t be limited by age also learning techniques have a huge impact because they can break a person’s interest in the subject or can help them reach new heights.

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Szu-Yu (Kate) 刁思宇 is a founding member of KKday (KKday is the leading e-commerce travel platform that connects travellers with authentic local tours & activities).

Her first position in KKday is Executive Assistant to the CEO in 2014, of which her job was to do everything that a start-up company needed in the early stage. In 2016, she led the marketing team of KKday, launched overseas markets, especially South Korea and Japan.

Now Kate leads a new team in between Marketing and Technology to craft new digital business models in KKday.

Before joining KKday, Kate was a Field Trial Engineer and Quality Technician Engineer in ASUS.

Be confident.

Life is a competition, but it’s not a race against anyone else. When you are better than yesterday, you have won your game. Today is the youngest day in the rest of your life. It’s never too late to get started.

Go overseas.

Don’t be afraid of speaking English. When you go out, what you communicate is not only language but thinking and backgrounds. You can always learn more when you step out.

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Ariel Chou is the founder of the Community Leaders Association in Taiwan to support and empower global community professionals, providing them the education and opportunities to reach their full potential.

In 2019, she developed a partnership with CMX (the biggest community of community builders globally), became their City Director and hope to bring this community movement from Western country to APAC. In addition, over the past two years, Ariel has also helped Airbnb build a host community in Taiwan and Hong Kong from scratch.

If you would like to be a community leader, work on the products you are deeply passionate about, because authenticity is the key to building trust and spreading enthusiasm.

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Min Luen (Megan)’s career is all about data.

She studied Computer Science in NTHU in Taiwan and wrote her thesis with the SVM model. She started her career in BCG as a part-time associate and focus on data strategy related projects from how to structure a data department to how to empower AI in the company. Then she switched to IBM and start her 2-year journey as a Data Science Consultant. Last year, She moved to Berlin and start a new role as a Data & Analytics Project Manager at OLX Group.

From a machine learning developer in school, to a data strategy consultant in BCG, to a hands-on Data Science Consultant in IBM, to an analyst in OLX Group then promoted to project manager, Megan doesn’t program anymore nowadays, but she appreciates all these experiences to letting her be able to empower data in a company or industry via leveraging different data functions from a high-level view.

It’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. Just never miss any opportunity to shine. Taking risks, choosing growth, challenging ourselves, and asking promotions – with elegant smiles on our faces.

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Sharon Chai is bringing data science to the consumer retail industry and currently works at Athleta, a socially responsible business that empowers women and girls. She has over seven years of experience in analytics with a focus on marketing effectiveness, customer insights, and problem-solving. As a Media Mix Analytics Lead, Sharon develops predictive models to optimize marketing spend and customer engagement. After majoring in English and studying Marketing Analytics in graduate school, she successfully made a career transition from public relations to analytics and data science. Her passion lies in leveraging a customer-centric, data-driven mindset to advance the art and science of marketing. Sharon is a thought leader, team influencer, and growth driver. She loves building things from scratch, navigating through ambiguity, and making a difference for others. She has worked in Taiwan, Osaka, Chicago, Boston, and Tanzania and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Be brave and follow your passions – life is about opening up your heart, having it get stomped on, and having the courage to do it again.

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Whitney Hung is passionate about data visualization and data analysis. She graduated in Diplomacy from NCCU, and has worked in the market research industry, with FMCG products, Taiwan High Speed Rail services, cosmetics, and financial industries and learned how to work with numbers, design studies and interpret numerical findings. Whitney’s also worked as a research assistant at the Modelling and Informatics Laboratory in the Psychology Department in National Taiwan University, coding for conducting cognitive experiments on learning and memory in a social environment as well as for data analyses.

Whitney is now studying Psychology of arts, neuroaesthetics and Creativity at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she learns to code for computational arts and do research. Her goal is to understand the psychology behind data visualization for the information to be passed on to a general audience, and for the audience to be able to process information as effortless as possible.

#Receive help and also generously help others in the workforce.

#Have a long goal to achieve. As Steve Jobs once said, “stay hungry, stay foolish.” Feed your curiosity and ambition!

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Yating Hsu has been a software engineer for 7 years, all of which with Amazon and currently AWS. She’s worked in various organizations inside the company, including retail catalog, supply chain optimization, physical store retail, and AWS serverless application. She was part of the team that launched Amazon Bookstore and Amazon Go. She joined the project during its early stage and watched it go from inspiration to reality. She later led the team to build out the supply chain systems that are tailored for small footprint physical retail stores.

Her experience centers around building distributed systems. Yating is especially passionate about software craftsmanship and building operationally sustainable software. She believes as a software engineer, the software she builds is her craft and her art.

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”, especially when you are new to the workplace or new to the team. Admitting your own deficiency doesn’t make you weak; being humble and listen is the easiest and fastest way to learn.

I believe technology is one of the best equalizers in the history of the world. What it can achieve is only bound by human’s imagination, not gender, not age.

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